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Public Health Alert
In March, eight confirmed cases of Hepatitis A virus have been reported to Napa County Public Health. Find out about the current situation status and how to protect yourself from Public Health.
Information from Public Health
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
Earthquake Impact Survey
The California Department of Public Health released the results of the door-to-door survey of City of Napa and American Canyon households conducted September 16-18, 2014. The Community Assessment for Public Health Emergency Response.
C.A.S.P.E.R. Survey 2014
CalTrans Highway 29 St. Helena Project
The CalTrans Highway 29 St. Helena Channelization Project, scheduled to start in spring 2015 and be completed in winter 2016, will widen the shoulders, add a two-way left turn lane, and improve the bicycle/highway/railroad crossing at Whitehall Lane in St. Helena between Mee Lane and Charter Oak Avenue.
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