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European Grapevine Moth Program

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EGVM Program Update 2015

In 2015, for a third straight year, no European Grapevine Moths (EGVM) have been detected in traps deployed in Napa County.  Continued cooperation by the winegrape industry and local, state and federal departments of agriculture has contributed to the success if the EGVM eradication program.  In August 2014, southern areas of Napa County were removed from the EGVM quarantine.   See the quarantine map

For 2015, 65 growers and vineyard management companies treated 93 sites that were within 500 meters of a 2013 EGVM detection.  This represented 1,900 acres of vineyards.  Staff of the Napa County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office conducted on-site verifications of these applications.  Growers operating within the Napa County quarantine area followed sanitation practices and shipping protocols required in compliance agreement exhibits.  During harvest, Ag Commissioner staff conducted compliance checks of both haulers and wineries to assess compliance with cleanliness of bins and equipment as well as possession of required compliance agreement documents. 

If no moths are detected through the second flight of 2016, the United States Department of Agriculture will likely lift the EGVM quarantine for Napa County and the entire state.  Currently a post eradication plan is being formulated to address future EGVM trapping plans, continued education and outreach strategies, as well as to develop a proactive plan to survey for and detect other serious grape pests.

If you have questions, please contact the Ag Commissioner’s Office at 707-253-4357.



Vineyard sites outside of the EGVM quarantine 

Compliance agreement flow-chart
Exhibit D2 for receivers located outside of the EGVM quarantine


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