Pesticide Safety Program


Agricultural Commissioner Sealer of Weights and Measures

Greg Clark, Agricultural Commissioner Sealer of Weights and Measures

Pesticide Safety Program

For a comprehensive database of agricultural pesticides applied in Napa County (or any other county in California), visit the California Department of Pesticide Regulation Pesticide Use Reporting page. Select desired year to begin query; results are indexed by agricultural commodity or by chemical name. 

The Napa County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office enforces agricultural laws and regulations. The Pesticide Use Enforcement (PUE) program is one of many programs in which we have been assigned enforcement authority. By definition, a pesticide is any substance which is intended to be used for defoliating plants, regulating plant growth, or for preventing, destroying, repelling, or mitigating any pest. Under the guidance and direction of the California Department of Pesticide Regulation, the Agricultural Commissioner administers the PUE program with jurisdiction over the use of pesticides in all settings in the county. These settings include production agriculture, structural pest control, landscape maintenance, golf courses and applications by public agencies. Through training and outreach, the Agricultural Commissioner strives to educate pesticide users of their legal responsibilities. Through a process of inspections and investigations, levels of compliance are determined. Compliance and enforcement actions are employed when corrective actions are necessary. Sprayer in Vineyard   

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