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Our mission is to serve our community by providing for a safe and healthy environment for our citizens and their animals while promoting animal welfare and education about responsible pet ownership. 



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    Pet Adoptions 
  • Lost and Found Pets
  • Dog License Information
  • Disaster Kits
  • Vaccination Clinics: Please visit the Napa Humane web site for information on weekly actual-cost rabies vaccinations and other low-cost services or VIP Petcare Services for additional clinic dates and locations (including weekends).
  • Kennel Permits: The Napa County Animal Shelter permits and inspects kennels with five or more animals. If you wish to open a shelter you need to start with your local planning department for appropriate land use permits. A condition of approval of that use permit will be that you obtain a kennel permit from the Animal Shelter.
  • Cat Trap Rentals: The Napa County Animal Shelter will rent traps for cats. If you are having a problem with feral cats in your neighborhood you can partner with us and agree to trap the feral cat and have it returned to the same neighborhood after it is spayed or neutered. Call the Animal Shelter for more information on this program.

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Napa County Animal Shelter would like to thank the following businesses and organizations for partnering with us to make our shelter successful and for providing supplies and services for all of our animals:  

  • Napa Humane- clinic and vaccination services and our partner in preventing unwanted animals and helping lost animals find their way home. Napa Humane uses its resources to do the difficult work of keeping animals out of shelters and foster homes by promoting responsible pet ownership and facilitating long-term solutions that allow them to save the most animals in our community.
  • VIP Petcare Services- vaccination clinics; cardboard cat carriers for each cat adopted
  • Napa Valley Dog Training Club, Inc.-$15 gift certificate toward a training class with each dog adopted
  • Critter Comforters- hand made comforters and blankets for all our adoptable animals
  •  Dog World- grooming services to our adoptable animals that need to be‘trimmed up’
  • Wellness Pet Food for their generous donation of their high quality food to feed all the Animal Shelter dogs and cats
  • Sally Seymour of Seymour & McIntosh Photography for donating their professional services and providing portraits of our adoption animals
  • Pet Food Express for their partnership in our Cat Adoption Center and donated delivery of our Wellness Pet Food.
  •  Dr. Susan Wright & Misty Weaver: For providing "Adopting A Rescue Dog: The First Seven Days"
  •  All our volunteers who make it possible to exercise and socialize our animals that are up for adoption. We couldn’t do it without you.
  • Bissell Pet Foundation:  host of Clear the Shelter, grants, fundraising, Bissell products.                                                                                                                                                                                                               Bissell Pet Foundation