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        *** If you are considering adopting a dog, we have posted "Adopting A Rescue Dog: The First Seven Days", provided courtesy of Dr. Susan Wright & Misty Weaver.

  • Cost: Adoption fees are based on spay/neuter costs, vaccinations, micro-chipping and an adoption fee. 

  •  Adoption Applications: When you are ready to adopt, please print and fill out the appropriate form below. Come to the shelter, select and meet with the animal of your choice.  If all paperwork is in order and we can confirm home ownership or landlord approval (and there are no other applications on that particular animal) you will likely be able to take that animal home that day.  This process will be delayed if the information is not available or if a fence check is required (dogs only). 


    Cat, Dog, Rabbit Adoption Applications

    Dog 3 April 2015

    Dog Adoption Application

    Cat 3 April 2015

    Cat Adoption Application

     Bunny April 2015

    Rabbit Adoption Application

  • Application Process: Applications for animals will generally be accepted until a qualified application is received. We try to not take multiple applications on a single animal, but in some instances we may. If this is the case we will advise you that there is already an application on that particular animal and only if that application falls through will you have a chance at that animal. Please keep this in mind when you are applying to adopt. We encourage you to have a back-up plan in case you do not get your first choice animal.

  • Additional Info: For more information regarding dog adoption, please

If you have any questions, please contact us at (707) 253-4382