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The Napa County Department of Planning, Building, and Environmental Services (PBES) has been working to develop a Climate Action Plan (CAP) for the County for several years.  The CAP is intended to quantify and reduce green house gas (GHG) emissions in unincorporated Napa County, and its adoption would implement an “action item” from the County’s 2008 General Plan Update.

A proposed CAP was recommended for adoption by the Planning Commission in early 2012 and later considered by the Board of Supervisors, who sent the document back for further review.  Among other things, the Board requested that the CAP be revised to better address transportation emissions, and to “credit” past accomplishments and voluntary efforts.  The Board also requested that the Planning Commission consider “best practices” when reviewing projects until a revised CAP can be prepared and adopted.   

The Commission’s current list of best practices was developed with stakeholder input during the spring of 2013 and can be found here. Project applicants are requested to consider these best practices and submit this checklist along with applications for discretionary approvals (e.g. use permits and use permit modifications).

In July 2015, a contract was awarded to Ascent Environmental to assist PBES staff in completing a CAP which addresses the concerns with the previous effort, is legally defensible, and meets all applicable State requirements. 

The first step will be to review and update existing information related to GHG inventory, methodology, and forecasts. 

Please see the project events, below, for times and location of public meetings. In addition to the formal public hearings before the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors, four community meetings are planned.

Interested members of the public are encouraged to attend or to contact Jason Hade at if they wish to provide their input or to be added to the interested parties notification list.


Project Information

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Address:1195 Third St., Napa, 94559

Contact Information

David Morrison
(707) 253-4805
Project Events
Project Events
Meeting for Draft GHG Reduction Measures - June 30, 2016
Napa County Climate Action Plan Public Outreach Session #2 - February 24, 2016
Napa County Climate Action Plan Public Outreach Session - November 9, 2015

Project Documents
Project Documents
Napa County CAP - Final Draft Redline Version
Final Draft Climate Action Plan
Final Appendix A Technical Memo #1
Final Appendix B1 Technical Memo #2
Final Appendix B2 to Napa County CAP Agriculture Sector GHG Reduction Measures
Final Appendix C Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment for Napa County
Final Appendix D Climate Action Plan Consistency Checklist
Master Responses to Public Comments Received on the Public Draft
Napa CAP Comments Compilation 03-23-17 L1-L45
Public Review Draft Climate Action Plan
Apdx A Revised Final Tech Memo 1
Apdx B Revised Final Tech Memo 2
Apdx C Vulnerability Assessment
Apdx D Checklist Placeholder
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Targets, Measures, and Gap Analysis Memo - 6-23-16
Final Inventory Forecast Memo 4-13-16
Climate Action Plan Public Workshop #1 Presentation
Climate Action Plan Revision Presentation August 22, 2013
Climate Action Plan - Revised Approach DRAFT - August 8, 2013
Climate Action Plan-Best Management Practices Fillable form

Project Archive Documents
Project Archive Documents
DRAFT 2014 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory
County of Napa Guide to Electrical Vehicle Needs for Commercial and Residential Buildings
Climate Action Plan Roundtable Discussion July 23, 2013
Climate Action Plan - Aqenda for Roundtable held July 23, 2013
Climate Action Plan - Powerpoint presentation for the Roundtable held July 23, 2013
Climate Action Plan - Notes from the Roundtable July 23, 2013
Climate Action Plan Oct., 9 2012 Workshop Handout
Napa County Climate Action Plan Oct 9, 2012 Workshop Presentation
Climate Action Plan Oct., 9, 2012 Proposed Fee Mitigation Memo
Napa County Climate Action Plan - March 2012
CAP BAAQMD Qualification letter
REVISED Climate Action Plan, October 31, 2011
Greenhouse Gas Checklist
Climate Action Plan, CEQA Compliance
Climate Action Plan Public Hearing Notice for April 3rd, 2012
Climate Action Plan Public Notice
Climate Action Plan FAQ
Draft Climate Action Plan
Climate Action Plan Public Comments
Climate Action Plan for Unincorporated Napa County: Next Steps

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