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Building Permits Resources Post Earthquake

Red Tag and Yellow Tag Buildings in Napa County


Earthquake Related Building Inspections:

  • If you are looking for an emergency inspection due to the earthquake, and their property is in the county, call (707) 299-1998 to request an inspection. Leave the requested info, and an inspection will be scheduled. This is for quake damage ONLY.
  • If you need an inspection within the City limits regarding earthquake damage, contact the City of Napa Building Department at (707) 257-9540 or call the City Building Inspection line at (707) 258-7829.

Regular Building Inspections (not quake related):

  • We are currently scheduling for next week. Please call (707) 253-4416 to schedule an inspection.

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Napa County Planning Commission & Zoning Administrator

Planning Commission

Commission Meetings and Agendas

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Public Notices

The Napa County Planning Commission holds public hearings and makes recommendations to the Board of Supervisors concerning updates and amendments to the County's General Plan and Zoning Code. The Planning Commission also holds hearings and make decisions on a variety of land use proposals and entitlements, including Use Permits, Subdivisions and Parcel Maps. There are five members on the Commission that are appointed by the Board of Supervisors.

All members serving of the Commission are selected by Supervisorial District and serve for the term, which expires one month following the date the Commissioner's nominating Supervisor leaves office.  When a Commissioner's term ends due to the nominating Supervisor leaving office, only the newly elected or appointed Supervisor is entitled to nominate a replacement to fill the vacancy. 

Staff Liaison to the Commission

John McDowell
Deputy Planning Director

Please include Mr. McDowell in any emails or written correspondence sent to two or more Commissioners or communications intended for the Commission as a whole. Correspondence pertaining to any item coming before the Commission should be sent directly to:

John McDowell
Deputy Planning Director
1195 Third Street, Suite 210
Napa, CA  94559
(707) 299-1354 direct
(707) 253-4417 main
All correspondence will be forwarded to the Commission promptly. This is the best way to ensure that the Commission receives your message in a timely and certified manner. Note: Public records laws require disclosure of all correspondence, including emails, pertaining to business matters that come before the Commission. Please assist that process by including the Commission's Staff Liaison in correspondence and emails with Commissioners.


Your Commissioners: 

Heather Phillips
Planning Commissioner
    District 1

(707) 226-9649

 (Planning Commissioner Heather Phillips (Photo by Jeff Tangen)

  Michael Basayne
Planning Commissioner
District 2 

(707) 815-7042


Planning Commissioner Michael Basayne (Photo by Jeff Tangen)

Bob Fiddaman
Planning Commissioner

District 3 

(707) 249-1661

Planning Commissioner Bob Fiddaman (Photo by Jeff Tangen)

  Terry Scott
Planning Commissioner

District 4

 (707) 251-5533

Planning Commissioner Terry Scott (Photo by Jeff Tangen)

 Matt Pope
Planning Commissioner

District 5

(707) 287-6407

Planning Commissioner Matt Pope (Photo by Jeff Tangen)
Commission Meetings & Agendas

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Public Notices

Regular CDPD meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month at 9:00 a.m, in the Board of Supervisors Chambers, 1195 Third St., Suite 305, Napa CA. Regular Airport Land Use Commission meetings are held quarterly, as needed, starting with the first Wednesday in February.

For agenda posting notification, you can either:

Zoning Administrator
Role and Responsibility

The Zoning Administrator (ZA) hears and decides on a broad range of minor planning permit applications over which he or she has authority (see Title 18.10.020 of the County Zoning Code). The ZA may use discretion and forward an application to the Conservation, Development and Planning Commission if it is determined that the public interest would be furthered by having the Commission hear and decide upon a particular project. Zoning Administrator meetings are held on an as needed basis.  Please visit the Public Notices page for items scheduled.

As allowed under the County Code, Hillary Gitelman, Director of Conservation, Development and Planning, has delegated ZA duties to John McDowell, Deputy Planning Director. 

John McDowell
Deputy Planning Director
1195 Third Street, Suite 210
Napa, CA  94559
(707) 299-1354 direct
(707) 253-4417 main

For scheduled information, agendas and minutes for the Commission or the ZA contact the Planning Commission Clerk by email at or by telephone at (707) 299-1380.