UPDATE: Board of Supervisors & Planning Commission Meeting Location

As of October 7, 2014, the Board of Supervisors will begin meeting at the South Campus location of 2741 Napa Valley Corporate Drive, Building 2. The Planning Commission meetings will begin on October 15, 2014 at the same location.

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Napa Local Assistance Center (NapaLAC)

Napa County and the City of Napa continues to operate the South Napa Earthquake Local Assistance Center (NapaLAC) to provide services to individuals, families, renters, homeowners, and businesses to help recover from the earthquake. For hours of operation and available resources please visit www.napaquakeinfo.com or call (707) 258-7829.

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Services After South Napa Earthquake


South Napa Earthquake Information

Napa County is dedicated to providing key services to our community members, cities and town as the link between local, state and federal partners throughout the recovery process. Please review our home page and napaquakeinfo.com for information and available services.

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