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Fire Season in Napa County
Do you know how to prepare your family and property for fire season in Napa County? Here is some valuable information to help you stay safe.
Wragg Fire Information
Napa County Fire
Napa Firewise
Highway 29 St. Helena Channelization Project
The Highway 29 Channelization Project will rehabilitate the pavement, widen the shoulders, construct a two-way left turn lane, and improve the bicycle/highway/railroad crossing at Whitehall Lane. The project limits are in the Napa County city of St. Helena between Mee Lane and Charter Oak Avenue.
29 St. Helena Channelization Project
Caltrans Project list for Napa County
Behind the scenes of Napa County
Take a look at our new video “Behind the Scenes” series, which are video vignettes focused on Napa County services, programs and resources available to the community.
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