Become a Poll Worker



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Become a Pollworker


•Be a lawful permanent resident.
•Attend training class.

Position Duties & Pay:

•Inspector - $100/day
Supervises polling place operations, attends training class, picks up supplies, sets up/takes down polling place and delivers voted ballots to drop off point.
•Clerks - $80/day
Attends training class; can work as available at central office processing ballots 5 days before Election Day until two weeks after Election Day; sets up/takes down polling place; may accompany Inspector to drop off voted ballots. Apply online

Are you Bilingual?

Your skills are needed to help at the polls on Election Day.The Napa County Election Division is seeking bilingual poll workers with proficiency in Spanish, Tagalog or Chinese.

Apply online or download our brochure for more information.