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How To Apply

You can apply for a County of Napa Job Opportunity online. If you do not have access to a computer, you can visit our office at:

County of Napa Administration Building
Human Resources
1195 Third Street, Suite 110
Napa, CA 94559

If you are applying online please follow these instructions:

  1. First search through the job openings and job bulletins until you find a job you are qualified for and interested in. Select the job you want to apply for. If the job you are interested in is not open, you can request on online notification be sent to you when the position opens (see below for further information).
  2. Click on Apply.
  3. Next, create an account with the County of Napa. You do this by entering in a unique username, your e-mail address*, and a password. When this is completed, you will have created an account with the County of Napa. Please save your User ID and Password, as you will need it to review the status of your application and to reapply in the future.

    *If you do not have an e-mail address you may sign up for a free one at Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, or AOL.
  4. Click on Create an application. Name your application so you can identify it later. Fill out the application as you would normally, the system will walk you through the process.

    Job application steps:
    • Job application – includes personnel information, experience and education.
    • Agency Wide Questions
    • Supplemental Questions (if applicable)
    • Review and confirm application
    • Certify and Submit application – if you do not receive immediate confirmation that your application has been received by the County of Napa we did not receive it. Make sure you SAVE your application. If you lose your internet connection in the middle of filling out an application, all of your work will be lost.
  5. If you are interested in being notified of future job opportunities, scroll down to My Interests and check off the job categories that interest you so that you will receive automatic e-mails when a new job is posted in that category. Be sure to click the save button.
  6. In order to view your applications that you have submitted previously or check on their status, click on the CareerDesktop.


The County of Napa prefers all applicants apply online, however if this is not possible we provide paper applications by request available only from our office at:

County of Napa Administration Building
Human Resources
1195 Third Street, Suite 110
Napa, California 94558

If at anytime you have questions regarding the online application or recruitment please contact the County of Napa Human Resources at (707) 253-4303.

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