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Getting started with Zinio Digital Magazines


Zinio requires the creation of two account logins – a Napa County Library (NCL)-Zinio account/login to browse the collection, as well as a free account/login for subscribing to and reading magazines online or delivering those magazines to a Zinio Reader app on your computer or mobile device.


New user?  


Follow these steps to create your NCL-Zinio account login. 

1. Click or tap the following link to Register & Create Account. (remote users may be prompted to enter their library card number)

2. Leave email & password fields empty - simply click or tap the Create Account! button.

3. On the subsequent screen, enter email & password info and Create Account!

        An activation link will be sent to your email account.

4. Click on the Activation Link in your email account to Confirm your account status.

5. Click on the Login link on the account confirmation screen or come back to this page to login and begin browsing the collection.


Next: Create your Zinio account.  


Follow these steps to browse using your NCL-Zinio login and subscribe by creating a free account/login.

1. Login with your NCL-Zinio login

2. Use the available navigation tools to search for and subscribe to the magazine(s) of your choice.

3. After you select your first magazine in the CCPL-Zinio Collection, a second browser window will open to

4. First-time users: Enter an email address & password to create a free account/login.

        Returning users: Select the "Sign in here" link and login using your account info.

5. After subscribing to a magazine, read it online (streaming) or read it offline using the Zinio Reader app on your tablet or smartphone. 

6. Use your login to register the app on your device.


Checking Out Additional Library Collection Magazines


Return to your library Zinio Collection account using your Web browser to check out additional magazines. Note: You cannot check out magazines from within the Zinio Reader App or Zinio website.


View the complete online User Guide for more information.