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About Us:

The Engineering Division has primary responsibility for processing grading permits and floodplain management permits, and enforcing Stormwater pollution and prevention measures. We provide information and assistance to the public regarding compliance with various land development and environmental policies and regulations at the federal, State, and local levels. The Engineering Division is also responsible for floodplain management resources, and infrastructure, and Napa County Roads and Streets Standards.


Programs & Services

Napa County Floodplain Ordinance

Process grading and floodplain management permits, and review well permits in flood zones.

Napa County Stormwater Ordinance

Enforce Stormwater pollution and prevention measures.

Pre-Application Meetings 

Engineering Services staff recommends scheduling a consultation meeting with an Engineer to review your project and ideas, and avoid common submittal and processing pit-falls. To schedule an appointment at 707-253-4417.

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Engineering services not listed above are part of the Public Works Department. These services include reviewing record map submittal and processing applications for lot line adjustments and certificates of compliance. Additionally, the Engineering division in the Public Works Department will continue to be responsible for maintaining land development records such as record maps and right of way mapping. You may also continue to contact the surveyor via the Public Works Department. For specific information you may contact the following:

Certificates of Compliance: Danielle Goshert 707-259-8380

Lot Line Adjustments: Patt Throne-Hetzer 707-259-6719

Records of Survey, other maps: Lee Driggers 707-253-8376

Traffic Engineering: Paul Wilkinson 707-253-4290

Coming April 14, 2014:Our new Citizen Portal for searching Permit Information. The current search widget below will soon be replaced.

Other Department Information

Bare Hands Wearing Gloves

Bare Hand Contact with Ready-to-Eat Food Code AB1225

Assembly bill 1252 added section 113961 to the California Retail Food Code (CalCode), which prohibits bare hand contact with ready-to-eat food, effective on January 1, 2014. No Bare Hand Contact is the practice of preventing direct contact with bare hands while handling ready-to-eat foods. Avoiding bare hand contact with foods that do not require further cooking provides an added protection against contamination with microbial or viral pathogens from the hands of food service employees.

Bare Hand Contact with Ready-to-Eat Food Assembly bill 1252
Bare Hand Contact with Ready-to-Eat Food Checklist

Housing Element cover 2014

Draft Final 2014 Housing Element Update

We are working to update the Housing Element of the County's General Plan and now have draft final documents. Public input and official review will continue to happen during spring and early summer.

HIA - Draft Final Housing Needs Assessment 3-24-14 for HCD Review
HIA - Draft Final Housing Policy Document 3-24-14 for HCD Review
Draft Housing Element Needs Assessment
Draft Housing Needs Policy Document

in the kitchen muffins

Cottage Food Law

Effective Jan. 1, 2013, State law will allow private homes to be used to prepare and package food products for sale to consumers under certain conditions. To find out more, follow the link below!

Cottage Food


Permit and Parcel Data Reports

We have a new way to quickly find your Permit information and your property information. Use these new widgets to quickly access Permit Hisoty and Parcel Data.

Permit Information Widget
Parcel Data Report

Repairing the wall

New Permit Service Center

At the new Permit Service Center, customers one place to get answers to their questions about planning, building, environmental health, engineering and conservation (vineyard) issues, from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Building permit applications are accepted from 8:00 AM to 4:15 PM and the “SAME DAY” permit service for small building permits is available every Monday through Thursday from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM. Watch for more information and enhanced services at the new Permit Services Center throughout 2013.

More on the Permit Service Center

Credit Cards

PBES now accepts credit cards

Planning, Building & Environmental Services will now accept credit cards at our service desk for your convenience, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. A convenience fee of 2.29% is required by our payment processing vendor, and will show as a separate charge on your credit card statement, in addition to the fees you are paying to Napa County.

Schedule of fees

Environmental House Planning

Current Project Information

Find documents and information about major projects, development applications, and other Department work programs.

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