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Newly extended Nov. 13 deadline set for residential ash and debris removal plans

Property owners must decide whether they’re using government or private program

NAPA – Due to County concerns regarding property owners’ ability to remove debris and ash before spring, the deadline for participating in the government-paid process is extended to Nov. 13. To address the continuing public health emergency, property owners that have had residential buildings destroyed by the recent wildfires must decide how they are going to remove structural ash and debris by 5 p.m., Monday, Nov. 13.


There are two options to remove ash and debris:

Submit a Right of Entry (ROE) form to allow the government to remove the debris and ash at no cost to the owner. This program is only available for residences and associated buildings. All other structures must obtain a Debris and Ash Removal (DAR) Plan. The ROE form can be obtained here.

Submit an application for a DAR Plan explaining how a qualified contractor paid for by the owner will remove the ash and debris. The DAR application can be obtained here. All work approved under the DAR Plan must be completed by Jan. 15, 2018, or the property owner will be subject to enforcement action by the County.

To protect public health, the County is required to take enforcement actions against those property owners not meeting the above deadlines. After 5 p.m. on Nov. 20, property owners will be subject to enforcement action by the County if they have not submitted a ROE form or a complete DAR application.

Both ROEs and DAR Plans must be submitted in one of the following ways:


  • At Napa County’s Pop-Up Recovery Center (PURC), in the basement of the Administration Building, 1195 Third St., Napa. The PURC will be closed Nov. 10-12 but will reopen on Nov. 13;
  • At the Local Assistance Center, 2751 Napa Valley Corporate Dr., Building A, Napa;
  • By fax: 707-253-4545; or
  • By email  Environmental-Fire@countyofnapa.org.


The ROE form grants Napa County, the State of California and the federal government the right to enter your property to inspect, test, remove, and clear all residential structural debris and waste. Work will be conducted by the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). There is no cost to residential property owners, but owners are required to assign any insurance proceeds related to the cost of wildfire debris removal to Napa County. Property owners who do not have debris removal insurance coverage are eligible to participate in this no cost program. The ROE is for debris removal and will terminate when removal work is complete.


Property owners who wish to perform their own clean-up, must have a DAR Plan approved by Napa County. The plan must show how their qualified contractor is going to meet all state standards in ash and debris removal, including soil testing. An approved DAR Plan is also required for landfills to accept your structural debris and ash. All work approved under the DAR Plan must be completed by Jan. 15, 2018.


County enforcement action may include administrative and/or judicial abatement order against a property owner. This means either an abatement order from the Public Health Officer or the court authorizing the County or its contractors to complete debris removal and seek recovery costs directly from the property owner. A lien may be placed against the property owner to recover the County’s costs.


If you have questions, contact Napa County’s fire recovery hotline at (707) 299-1350, during normal business hours. Our offices will be closed Nov. 10-12 and will reopen on Nov. 13. If you have questions outside of normal business hours, leave a message with David Morrison, Planning, Building, and Environmental Services director, at (707) 253-4803.


The Board of Supervisors and staff of Napa County are dedicated to preserving and sustaining Napa County for present and future generations as a community with generous open space, a thriving agricultural industry and a quality human and natural environment.


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