Alcohol and Drug Services


Alcohol and Drug ServicesHealth and Human Services Agency

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Alcohol and Drug Services


To provide a welcoming and safe environment that offers hope, supports prevention, and inspires recovery.


Create, promote, and sustain communities free from problems related to alcohol, tobacco, and drugs by empowering individuals and families.


Provide integrated, evidence based education, prevention and treatment services that are accessible, affordable, and culturally competent.


  • Compassion
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Well-Being

We offer an array of prevention, treatment and intervention services and can help you connect with community resources to get you and your loved ones the help you need. Services are provided through County-operated programs and contracts with community-based organizations.


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Information and Referral

Outreach and Education

Screening and Assessment

Prevention and Early Intervention

Perinatal Programs


Residential and outpatient treatment

Case management and aftercare

Alcohol and Drug Services Access and Program Information
Contact: (707) 253-4063


How much is too much? Online Alcohol and Drug Screening Tools (Free)


School Based Prevention
Tobacco Education and Cessation*
Prevention Education
Responsible Beverage Service Training and Policy Development*

Driving Under the Influence Prevention
Friday Night Live 

Early Intervention and Youth Treatment
Calistoga Family Center Student Assistance Program*

Intervention and Treatment

Access, Treatment Authorization, and Quality Services
Adult Outpatient Treatment and Recovery Services
Court Case Management and Recovery Services
Drug Diversion *
Driving Under the Influence *
Youth Treatment
Detox and Residential *
* indicates the program is operated by a community resource partner