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A Message For You From The Director

To the parents we serve: 

Napa County Department of Child Support Services is to serve the community and enhance the lives of children through establishing paternity, establishing child support orders, and collecting support. The timely receipt of child support is critical for the families that we help in Napa County, statewide and in other countries. Napa County is responsible for serving approximately 5000 families. Our department takes that responsibility very seriously.

The core of what we do is predicated on the belief that both parents, based upon their current circumstances and stations in life, are responsible for the economic support, health and emotional well-being of their children. The child support program exists to ensure parents payment of child support, so that their moral and legal responsibilities are met. To help both parties, our department offers free services to both the obligor and recipient of the support. These services include genetic testing, establishment, enforcement and modifications of support orders.

As Director of the Child Support Services Department, I commend each and every parent who voluntarily provides both emotional and financial support to their children. I also commit the resources of our office, and the diligence of my staff, to collect support on behalf of the children whose parents are not paying support, to ensure that these parents meet their obligation.

My staff and I are privileged to serve this community.

Janet Nottley


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