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Environmental Health

Code Compliance



Attention!: Please be aware that due to state mandated training that Building staff (Permit Techs,

Plans Examiners and Inspectors) will be short staffed during the week of September 18th to 22nd. 

There will be NO "Same Day Permitting" during this week as we will be limited in the coverage we need.   


 We are in the process of remodeling our reception and lobby area. 

 During this time we will have our reception station located inside the Permit Center. 

 Thank you for your patience while we make these improvements 


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Development Permit Review

Code Compliance

Building, Zoning, Grading, and Conservation violations can be reported to the Code Enforcement Division.


Agricultural Erosion Control Plan Processing, Conservation & Watershed Planning, GIS Analysis & Data, Maps & Graphics, Williamson Act Contracts, Mining Permitting & Inspection, General Plan Implementation

Engineering  Services

Grading & Floodplain Management, Stormwater Pollution Prevention, Record Map Review,Lot Line Adjustments, Certificates of Compliance         

Environmental  Health

Consumer Protection, Land Use Development, Pollution Prevention


Development Permit Review, Land Use & Zoning, Ordinance Updates, General Plan Implementation

Parks & Open Space

Regional Parks & Open Space Management, Camping Permits

Wildlife  Conservation Commission

Advises the Napa County Board of Supervisors on policy and funding regarding wildlife and their habitats.  

Latest Information

  •  Important!:  Please be aware as of January 30th, Building Plan Check Staff will not be accepting drop in clients or appointments before 2PM daily.  All phone calls will be answered after 2PM daily with voicemail messages being returned within 24hr or the next business day.  Thank you for your patience and cooperation.  
  • New: Check out our new online permit options for license contractors. OPC-Online Permit Center 
  • Notice! The Planning, Building & Environmental Services Department has undertaken a project to scan all property records and convert them to electronic records which will be made available on the County OnBase site.  As of August 9, 2016 we started the process and sent out all property records to a secure offsite location where they are being scanned. We can retrieve electronic copies during this scanning process and email them however, in some cases the electronic copies can only be viewed in our office due to copyright restrictions. We thank you in advance for your patience during this process as we endeavor to better serve the needs of the public for the future.
  • Notice! Latest FEMA Flood Mapping - Floodplain
  • New: We've got a new name for our Citizen Portal.  OPC - Online Permit Center
  • Attention! We will be moving all our permit and applications from paper files to electronic documents Read more...
  • Notice! Our Permit Service Center & Same Day Permitting hours have changed effective July 1st. Click the link above to see the details.
  • Updated: Onsite Wastewater System (AB 885)  
  • Important!: Effective May 1, 2015, Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) will be require a $1017 deposit at submittal. Click Here for TCO Procedures
  • New: Agricultural Protection Advisory Committee (APAC)
  • Available: Public Winery Database Sept. 21, 2017 
  • Update to Water Availability Analysis
  • Attention! As of October 13, 2014 we will NO longer accept incomplete plan set submittal.  You can find the submittal check list on the Building documents page. We accept Reduced Plan Sets; 3 copies no larger 24'x36'   

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Environmental House Planning

Current Project Information

Find documents and information about major projects, development applications, and other Department work programs.

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in the kitchen muffins

Cottage Food Law

Effective Jan. 1, 2013, State law will allow private homes to be used to prepare and package food products for sale to consumers under certain conditions. To find out more, follow the link below!

Cottage Food

PBES Customer Permit Center

Consolidated Permit Service Center

Enjoy the convenience of having your questions answered about planning, building, environmental health, engineering and conservation (vineyard) issues every day, (M-F 7:30-5:00PM).

More on the Permit Service Center

Well-draw Down for WAA

Update to Water Availability Analysis

A Water Availability Analysis is conducted as part of the discretionary groundwater permit application review process for projects located in the unincorporated county. The proposed changes reflect the guidance staff received from the Board of Supervisors and the Groundwater Resources Advisory Committee (GRAC).

2014-12-01 Water Availability Analysis FAQ-Comments Received

Where Are We Heading?

Agricultural Protection Advisory Committee (APAC)

The County Executive Officer announces the newly created Napa County Agricultural Protection Advisory Committee. This ad hoc committee is intended to serve as an advisory committee to the Planning Commission for purposes of making recommendations to the Planning Commission on a variety of winery development and agricultural protection measures.

Agricultural Protection Advisory Committee

Medical Marijuana Leaf

Draft Medical Marijuana Ordinance

An ordinance of the Napa County Board of Supervisor, State of California, adding new county code Chapter 8.10 to establish reasonable standards for the growing of personal amounts of medical marijuana and expressly banning dispensaries.

Draft Medical Marijuana Ordinance

Interactive Napa County Winery Map

Interactive Napa County Winery Map

Explore wineries within Napa County using an interactive web map

Interactive Napa County Winery Map

Interactive Erosion Control Map

Interactive Napa County Erosion Control Plan Map

Explore pending Erosion Control Plans using an interactive map

Interactive Erosion Control Map