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Oakville Cross Road Bridge Replacement Project, RDS 05-05

Status: Complete
Contact: Anthony Morales
Publish Date: 2013-03-07

The Oakville Cross Road Bridge Replacement Project is located in the central portion of unincorporated Napa County slightly northeast of State Route 29 where Oakville Cross Road passes over the Napa River. The purpose of this project is to replace a structurally deficient and functionally obsolete bridge. Federal Project Number BRLO-5921(010). The proposed project replaces the existing bridge with a new structure. The new bridge will be a 2-span, cast in place conventionally reinforced concrete box-girder bridge structure requiring the construction of two abutments with retaining walls and one pier. The new structure will carry two lanes of traffic. The bridge will pass over the Napa River at a higher elevation to meet current hydraulic design standards. Once the bridge portion of the project is complete the channel will accommodate fish passage during low flows and to allow loose rock slope protection on both channel slopes to protect the bridge abutments from scour and erosion. The project will include onsite and offsite Riparian Restoration. Other items of work include tree trimming and tree removal, modification to existing culverts and driveways and traffic safety features such as bridge rails and guardrails. The contract was awarded to Ghilotti Brothers.

ContractorTotal Bid Amount
Ghilotti Brothers/RM Harris JV, San Rafael, CA$3,718,932.30
Myers and Sons Construction, Sacramento, CA$4,309,052.00
RGW Construction, Livermore, CA$4,157,764.00
Gordon N. Ball, Alamo, CA$4,940,480.00


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