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Child Support Services

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What is CSS

On Jan. 4, 1975, Public Law 93-647, the Social Security Act amendments of 1974, became law. This law enacted Title IV-D of the Social Security Act, formally creating the child support enforcement program. Since then, additional legislation has tailored and expanded the program resulting in the comprehensive federal/state/county partnership we have today.
Title IV-D requires each state to operate a child support program, but leaves the form of that program to State discretion. In California, each Local Child Support Agency (LCSA) is a separate county department. The director of each county office is appointed by the local County Board of Supervisors, but is also responsible to the State Director. The county role is to work directly with the families. The Napa County Department of Child Support Services (CSS) is responsible for the core program activities of establishing paternity, establishing child and/or medical support orders, monitoring payment performance, taking enforcement action as needed and distributing payments correctly. Each of these activities may involve the location of parents involved. LCSAs are also required to periodically review orders for adjustment of the support amount.


Napa County Child Support Services


"Our mission is to serve the community and enhance the lives of children through establishing paternity, establishing child support orders, and collecting support. We will provide education about our services to the public and we will deliver quality customer service that is considerate of each individual’s needs. We are committed to a partnership with families to benefit children."