Countywide Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program

Foam Pollution (Stormwater)



Stormwater Regulations

The discharge of pollutants into storm drains and creeks is prohibited by federal, State, and local regulations.  Furthermore, the NCSWMP partners are required, under the Phase II Municipal Stormwater NPDES Permit, to enforce their local stormwater ordinances.

Stormwater Inspection Program

Most food service facilities and all business plan facilities in Napa County are inspected for compliance with the local stormwater ordinances.  Exemptions from the inspection program may be granted in cases where all non-stormwater discharges are eliminated through structural control measerures (e.g., covers, secondary containment, designated wash areas).  Click here for more information on stormwater inspecitons.

Best Management Practices (BMPs)

Best Management Practices may include the scheduling of activities, prohibition of practices, maintenance procedures, or other management practices used to prevent or reduce the discharge or pollutants, directly or indirectly, to stormwater, storm drains, or receiving waters.  BMPs may be categorized as either structural or operational.  Structrual BMPs are generally the most effective because they eliminate or minimize human error.  Covers and designated wash areas are good examples of structural BMPs.  Operational BMPs can be just as effective as structural BMPs, but an effective employee training program and diligence is required to prevent an illicit discharge. Click here for more information on BMPs.

Do I need an NPDES permit?

If you operate a commercial or industrial facility, you may need coverage under the NPDES Industrial Stormwater General Permit. Click here to learn more about the Industrial Stormwater NPDES Permit.