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Civil - Coroner

The Civil/Coroner Division is responsible for all Coroner functions in Napa County and for serving all civil process, as well as providing court Bailiff and security for the Napa County Superior Court, and prisoner transportation to and from the Napa County Department of Corrections and prisons/jails throughout the State.


The Civil Division serves civil process as prescribed by law. The Civil process includes summons and complaints, small claims documents, restraining orders, civil warrants and any other notice or order from the courts. The Sheriff also levies on wages, bank accounts, vehicles or any asset of the judgment debtor pursuant to writs issued by the courts.


In the County of Napa, the Deputy Coroner responsibilities are carried out by Sheriff's Deputies as part of their other duties. A Deputy Coroner is called to the site of death before a body can be moved, so that the surroundings and circumstances can be investigated. The Deputy Coroner will also take custody and safeguard any personal property located at the scene, and if necessary notify the next of kin of the death.

Court Security

The Napa County Sheriff's Office is contracted by the State of California to provide court room security for the Napa Superior Court. Their are currently 8 deputies,1 Sergeant, and 8 extra-help Deputies assigned to court services.