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Sheriff's Activities League (S.A.L)

 Sheriff's Activities League (S.A.L)Napa S.A.L. is a community-based crime prevention program that brings kids under the supervision and constructive influence of law enforcement and provides quality activities designed to develop discipline, self-esteem, mutual trust, and respect. Napa S.A.L. is part of the National Association of Police Activities Leagues, with a membership of more than one and a half million children, served by more than 300 law enforcement agencies, in over 700 cities and 1,700 facilities throughout the United States.

A Brief History of S.A.L

In the early 1990’s, Napa County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a request from Sheriff Simpson to implement successful, progressive crime prevention strategies by creating the Napa Sheriff’s Activities League. Incorporated in 1992, S.A.L. was established to provide a common meeting ground for law enforcement and youth of the community.

S.A.L.’s initial focus was upon volunteerism within and support of existing programs, especially boxing. Within two years, S.A.L. had established its own facilities, providing a facility for boxing and fitness training, based upon interest expressed by local youth and adult volunteers.

Since that time, S.A.L. has been dedicated to supporting and developing recreational, educational, and skill-building activities to help young people see life alternatives and set positive goals for their futures. While the Sheriff’s Office and its personnel remain an integral component of the organization, many of our programs have grown to require the assistance of community volunteers. S.A.L. currently operates out of a 10,000 square-foot facility, located on the grounds of Napa State Hospital, and offers or supports programs including fitness training, soccer, boxing, wrestling, judo.


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