Providing Money to an Inmate


Department of CorrectionsPride in Profession

Director Lenard Vare


Inmates often want to purchase items that make them more comfortable and provide them with a sense of self sufficiency. Commissary is a function by which inmates who have money may purchase items such as snacks, drink mixes, candy, dry soups, hygiene items

(NCDC provides basic hygiene items), etc.

  • An inmate may purchase up to $60 worth of items each week.
  • An inmate may also purchase phone time, which allows him or her to make non-collect calls to loved ones and to cell phones.
  • An inmate may purchase up to $40 worth of phone time per week.

You can also purchase items for a loved one and have them delivered to NCDC by The same shopping limits apply.

Money on Accounts 

You can deposit money on an inmate’s account in one of three ways: 

  • Via the kiosk located at the West Entrance of the jail which makes it available 24/7\
  • Via the internet at
  • Via the telephone at (888) 277-2535