Vision, Mission and Values


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Mission, Vision, Values and Goals

In order to clearly articulate the basic assumptions and beliefs that the Board of Supervisors uses to guide their decision-making, the Board has agreed on a mission, vision and core values.

Each Napa County employee, service, program, division and department strives to adhere to these same mission, vision and values.

Twice a year, the Board holds planning retreats to revisit their three-year goals, and ensure that they remain valid and relevant. 


The County of Napa is dedicated to preserving agriculture

and the environment and to providing leadership and services

to advance the health, safety and economic well-being of

current and future generations.

Statement of Vision

The legendary wine destination of Napa Valley will be recognized

as a thriving and sustainable community within an agricultural treasure.


Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • Dedication
  • Innovation

Napa vines and balloon

Three-Year Goals (as of May 2012) 

  •  Complete Health & Human Services Agency (HHSA) campus construction
  •  Achieve consolidation of services
  • Maintain long-term financial and workforce stability
  •  Manage and plan for the changing correctional system 
  •  Enhance public awareness and communication
  • See the 2012-2013 objectives and progress here