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2014 BOS

Bill Dodd


District 4
Term Expiring 2016

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Bill Dodd was elected to the Napa County Board of Supervisors in March of 2000, and was re-elected in 2004, 2008 and 2012, all three times running unopposed.  He represents the cities and county of Napa on the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and recently served a two-year term as chairman of this powerful regional body. Dodd currently serves as chairman of the Napa County Board of Supervisors, Local Agency Formation Commission of Napa County (LAFCO), and the Napa Valley/San Francisco region of the Great Wine Capitals Global Network; vice chairman of the Napa County Flood Control and Water Conservation District; and is a member of the Bay Area Joint Policy Committee made up of members of MTC, ABAG, BAAQMD and BCDC.

Dodd is past chair of the Napa County Transportation Planning Agency, Napa County League of Governments and the Napa Flood Control District, and represents Napa County on more than 20 boards and commissions.


Prior to his election, Dodd was the owner of Culligan Water franchises in four Northern California Counties.  He is past president of the national and state Water Quality Associations and was awarded their top honor, induction to the Hall of Fame.

Dodd is a founding director of the Napa Community Bank, a founding director of the Napa County Children’s Health Initiative and founder of the Wolfe Center; an honorary Trustee of the Queen of the Valley Medical Center Foundation; and a member of Justin-Siena’s Hall of Fame; and is involved with many non profits.

Bill is married to Mary and has five grown children.

Issues Facing Napa County


  • The biggest issue facing Napa today is the balance between agriculture and tourism with the needs of Napa citizens, specifically, traffic and housing. Finding a traffic balance means that there must be a reasonable alternative to the major intersections of Highway 29 for residents to get where they need to without the current hassles.
  • With the rising costs of housing, people who are essential members of our community, such as firefighters, sheriff officers and teachers, are finding it difficult to find affordable housing. To solve these problems, one must look at the big picture and be willing to change the way the county does business. Thus, if land has been set aside for development and will be developed, choosing the right project is of the utmost importance. In that respect, the county should choose those projects that give back the most to the County in the form of traffic, low-income housing, open space, and parks.
  • The availability of health and human services is also a pressing issue. Half of the County's budget is earmarked for health and human services and despite the availability of funds, Napa has a significant drug and alcohol problem among our youth, but not enough resources for parents and children unless they have the best insurance or are in trouble with the law. More funds should be made available for prevention.

Issues Unique to District 4

  • District 4 faces the same issues as the rest of the county. Particularly those that seek a balance between agriculture and populated areas. The issue that stands out in District 4 is that water shortage issues continue to plague the Milliken Sarco Tuolocy area impacting residents quality of life and irrigation for vineyards.

Committees & Commissions for 2014

  • Airport Industrial Area Subcommittee (ALASC)
  • Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) - General Assembly (Alternate); Executive Committee (Alternate)
  • California State Association of Counties (CSAC) - Housing, Land Use and Transportation Policy Committee
  • Great Wine Capitals Global Network (GWC)
  • Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO)
  • Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) - Programming and Allocations Committee; Administration Committee; Bay Area Toll Authority Oversight Committee (Chairman); Joint Policy Committee; Transit Sustainability Committee
  • Napa County Transportation Planning Agency (NCTPA)
  • Napa Valley Transportation Authority
  • North Bay Water Reuse Authority Committee (NBWRA) (Alternate)
  • Metropolitan Transportation Commission
  • Napa County Flood Control and Water Conservation District; Chairman
  • Napa County Flood Authority
  •  American Canyon (two-by-two group)
  • Milliken-Sarco-Tulocay (MST) (two-by-two group)