Watershed Management


FLOOD CONTROL AND WATER CONSERVATION DISTRICTWatershed Management and Stream Maintenance

Napa Bridge

Watershed Management

In Napa County, Watershed Management consists of

  • clearing and maintaining the 13 miles of channels within the Flood Control District's jurisdiction as part of the Stream Maintenance Program
  • clearing problem areas within the Napa River and its tributaries
  • dredging the Napa River
  • repairing and stabilizing the River and stream banks
  • installing and operating a Countywide early warning system for flooding
  • replacing and installing major storm drain trunk lines
  • participating in federal and State flood protection grant programs
  • managing and monitoring groundwater
  • overseeing adjudicated watersheds
  • maintaining the benefit assessment program
  • preparing special studies for flood protection and watershed management
  • developing standardized and integrated floodplain management regulations
  • assisting the local community in complying with National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) requirements.
  • a detailed description of the above projects and services and the current fiscal year's project report