European Grapevine Moth Compliance Agreement Information


Agricultural Commissioner Sealer of Weights and Measures

Greg Clark, Agricultural Commissioner Sealer of Weights and Measures

European Grapevine Moth Compliance Agreement Information


Winegrapes for crush (grown inside a EGVM State Interior Quarantine Area):


Grape grower:Exhibit A, Grower/Producer/Vineyard Manager

Harvester:Exhibit B, Harvester/Vineyard Manager  

Transporter: Exhibit C, Hauler/Transporter

                      Exhibit P, Hauler/Transporter transporting grapes within Napa County ONLY

 Winery: Exhibit D1, Receiver of Bulk Grapes for Crush (from Inside the Quarantine Area)  


If you have not yet been issued a compliance agreement, please contact our office at (707) 253-4357. A copy of the compliance agreement can be seen here.

For growers hauling their own green waste (for pomace and must that has NOT undergone fermentation):

Exhibit N, Green Waste Transporter/Hauler

Appendix 1, Approved intrastate methods for handling green waste


The following articles are EXEMPT from meeting the requirements of 3CCR, Section 3437, European Grapevine Moth Interior Quarantine:
• Almonds in dried/split husks ready for harvest
• Olive fruit, including associated leaves and twigs
• Grape spurs and canes (of the current year’s growth that are dormant and hardened off but which do not have flaking bark like a cordon or trunk), to be destructively sampled
• All grape petioles and leaf blades/sheaths
Fermented pomace from Vitis spp.

• Must from Vitis spp.


Nursery Stock

Compliance Agreement

Exhibit A1, Production nursery stock

Exhibit A2, Retail nursery stock


Shipping winegrapes out of state:

If you intend to ship winegrapes out of state, please contact Humberto Izquierdo at (707) 253-4357 or by email at There are several additional requirements that must be completed before winegrapes can leave the state, including treatment requirements, a pre-harvest field inspection, a 300-bunch sample inspection and special harvesting and packing requirements.

Compliance Agreement, interstate shipping of Hand Harvested Fresh Winegrapes

Exhibit W1, Producer

Exhibit W2, Harvester

Exhibit W3, Hauler

Exhibit W4, Shipping/Storing/Packing/Receiving



Compliance Agreement Presentation July 27, 2010 (PowerPoint Presentation)