Weighmaster Enforcement


Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer of Weights and Measures

Greg Clark, Agricultural Commissioner Sealer of Weights and Measures

Weighmaster Enforcement

The Weighmaster Enforcement program assures that commercial transactions based on quantities certified on a weighmaster certificate are accurate. The California Department of Food and Agriculture Division of Measurement Standards licenses individuals or firms who weigh or measure bulk commodities as Weighmasters, and issue certificates of accuracy.



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Weighmaster License Application Form

Weighmaster License Cancellation Form

Instructions to Add/Delete Deputies and Branch Locations

Weighmaster Deputy Instructions Sheet

Weighmaster Enforcement Regulations

Weighmaster Excerpts from Business and Professions Code

Common Tare Notice- Fillable PDF

Common Tare Notice Instructions

Sample Common Tare- Picking Lugs

Sample Common Tare- Macro Bins

Winery Weighmaster Certificate Requirements

Weighmaster Warning Sign