County Wide Solar Photovoltaic Project


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County Wide Solar Photovoltaic Project

Status: Construction
Contact: Frank Lucido
Publish Date: 2013-01-03

This project involves the installation of solar panels throughout the County on up to 12 separate buildings.  The aggregate amount of power output from the various installation is near 485 kW.  Solicitation for the project was performed under California Code Section 4217 which allows the County the option to choose a system that is the best value for the County.  Four proposals were received and staff has determined that moving forward with issuing CREBs bonds as a source of up front funding and executing a facility financing contract with Bright Power Inc. (a local vendor) provides the greatest value to the County.  Construction of the project began in spring 2013 and will continue through spring 2014 throughout the different county locations.

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