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 What is CalFresh?

CalFresh is California's version of the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) that provides assistance for households to purchase nutritious food. The program uses Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) to allow recipients to buy food (including seeds and seedlings to grow food) at retail stores and farmers markets using a plastic debit card. Visit the Official California CalFresh Site at


Who May Be Eligible?

• US citizens (Except persons receiving SSI/SSP benefits)
• Legal Permanent Residents (Except persons receiving SSI/SSP benefits)


What Kind of Proof Is Needed?

While an eligibility worker can tell you exactly what you will need, You may be asked to provide things like:
• Identification (does not need to be a picture ID)
• Social Security number
• Proof of any income
• Proof of expenses - rent, childcare, child support paid, medical expenses, etc.


How Much Income Can I Have?

That depends on a lot of things including the number of people who buy and prepare food with you and what expenses you have. Now there are two gross income limits, but just one net income limit.  The net income limit is the most you can after we remove all allowable deductions from your gross income.  Most people qualify for Modified Categorical Eligibility (MCE) and can have a higher GROSS income limit. A worker can tell you more about MCE-just ask!


Household Size

Maximum Gross Income MCE

Maximum Gross Income Non-MCE  

Maximum Net Income































How Do I Apply for CalFresh?

There are several options available. You can apply online at, request an application be mailed to you, or pick one up at our office—2261 Elm Street, Napa CA 94559.


The Application Process

• Complete your application.
• One adult household member or authorized representative must sign the application for CalFresh benefits under penalty of perjury.
• Submit your application online from  
Mail or bring your completed and signed application to:
2261 Elm Street, Napa CA 94559


Your application will be accepted on the same day it is turned in, even if there is no interview on that day.
When your application has been received, the we will set up an interview to go over your application.



A telephone or in person interview is required before certifying your household to get CalFresh benefits.
The interview may be held with the head of household, spouse, the authorized representative or any other responsible household family member.

Interactive Voice Response Telephone System-


We are pleased to offer the following Self Service Options for our customers:


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) - a 24 hour access telephone number for information regarding:

• SAR 7 Status • Office hours and location
• Benefit Amounts • Case status and activity
• Reimbursements • Medi-Cal share of cost

The number to call is: 1-877-410-8824 


C4Yourself Customer Portal - 24 hour online access to case information through  

  • Apply or renew benefits online (via personal computer/laptop, tablet or smartphone)
  • Check the status of an application/renewal
  • Get up to date case/benefit information
  • Find out about important upcoming due dates
  • Download forms

Document Upload Kiosk (DUK) - a self service kiosk customers can use to:

  • Check in for an appointment without seeing the receptionist
  • Turn in documents/verifications for a worker without waiting in line for someone to make copies
  • Get a receipt from the DUK for documents scanned into the kiosk


Computer Terminal - a free standing computer that customers can use to apply for benefits online.

This machine is located in our Elm Street lobby