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Wildlife Conservation Commission

The Wildlife Rescue Center needs volunteers!  

Wildlife Rescue Center of Napa County (WRCNC), a non-profit organization that rescues, rehabilitates, and releases song birds, raptors, and mammals, depends heavily on volunteer involvement.

We invite you to join our extraordinary volunteer family in any of these critical areas.

* Especially Needed Songbird clinic - This is a seasonal program which runs from May to September. Volunteers are trained to feed and care for baby birds and must be be 14 years old and able to be on their feet for 3.5 hours.

* Mammal & Raptor Rehabilitation - Volunteers must be specially trained, licensed and approved to care for and release specific wildlife species.

* Transport - Volunteers transport songbirds to the songbird clinic during the season as well as transport injured birds and other mammals out of county when needed.

* Reunite Team - Volunteers are trained to return birds back to where they were found. A reunite can take up to 4 hours with follow-up.

* Board & Community Board development - WRCNC is seeking people with an interest in wildlife to become part of our organization as a Board member or Community Resource member,

* Working Committees - WRCNC needs volunteers to participate on our working committees; education, public awareness, fund raising, event planning, media development, grant writing.

If you are interested please contact us via our website www.napawildliferescue.org or call Administrative line at 707-685-5411.