Capital Improvement Plan


Public Works

Lederer 2014

Capital Improvement PlanCIP Cover

The CIP is a comprehensive, 5-year plan to improve Napa County facilities. It identifies current and future scheduling for defined projects from FY2013-2014 through FY2017-2018. Includes a wish list of projects and project details, plus potential funding information.


  • focus attention on County objectives and funding capacity
  • coordinate efforts to increase efficiencies
  • inform the public on both current and future needs and projects.

Table of Contents

Entire CIP as a pdf

Summary of charts and tables

Glossary of potential funding sources

Projects included in the Plan: 

21 of the projects below are emissions-reduction projects, such as lighting retrofits and photovoltaic projects.

County offices 

Administration Building (17)

Carithers Bldg  (12)

Hall of Justice  (11)

Health and Human Services  (16, including new campus)

650 Imperial Way (8)

Sheriff’s Office (7)


Atlas Peak Communications Tower (demolition)

Napa County Airport (23)

Animal Shelter (7)

Bella House (6)

Corrections (Jail) (19, including new jail)

Fire Stations  (7)

Homeless Shelter (4)

Juvenile Justice Center (9)

Library (14)

Corporation Yards

California Blvd (1)

Spanish Flat Corp Yard (3)

Yountville Corp Yard (4)

Broad-based projects 

Measure A (3)

Roads (20)