Automobile Insurance Fraud


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Automobile Insurance Fraud

Automobile insurance fraud is one of the most widespread and lucrative fraud problems in the United States. The effects of automobile insurance fraud are significant for both the insurance companies and ultimately the consumer. Some of these schemes come with substantial physical risks to the law abiding citizens of our community. The Napa County District Attorney’s Office in partnership with the California Department of Insurance actively investigates allegations of automobile insurance fraud. By educating and informing the public of this problem, we strive to minimize the impact of this type of fraud in our community.

Auto insurance fraud adds $200-$300 a year to your individual insurance premium, according to estimates from the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB). Additionally, this increase in premium cost is passed on to the consumer when conducting business and paying for services.

Types of Automobile Collision Fraud

Types of Automobile Property Fraud

How do I protect myself from unwittingly becoming involved in an auto insurance fraud scheme or a staged collision?

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