Napa County Jail Security Systems Maintenance and Upgrades, PW 11-04


Public Works

Lederer 2014

Jail Security Systems Maintenance and Upgrades Phase II, PW 11-04

Status: Evaluation/Review
Contact: Jim Newman
Publish Date: 2015-11-23

The County has prequalified the General Contractors for the “Jail Security System Maintenance and Upgrade Project”. Only General Contractors who went through the prequalification process are eligible to bid on this project. Contractors in other trades shall contact the prequalified General Contractors to bid on this project. The bid opening date is Thursday, January 28, 2016 at 3:30 pm, no bids will be accepted after. The engineer’s estimate for this project is $1,400,000 and the construction includes, but is not limited to, the furnishing and installation of the programmable logic controllers, touchscreens and HMI PC’s, control panels, video surveillance (CCTV), intercom and paging, door/gate control and alarm monitoring, software development and programming for GEM 80 PLC’s and HMI touchscreens, retesting of all low-voltage security electronics (including, but not limited to duress alarms, all electrical and mechanical controls/interfaces) in the existing facilities. After a clearance and Bid Period Non Disclosure Agreement are received, appointment to view the plans can be scheduled by contacting  Print, view, or download List of Prequalified Contractors 03-18-14. Print, view, or download Visitor Security Clearance Form. Print, view, or download Bid Period Non Disclosure Agreement. Print, view, or download Notice to Contractors. Print, view, or download Specifications. Print, view, or download Mandatory Sign in Sheet 01-07-16. Print, view, or download Addendum 1 01-22-16. Print, view, or download Answers to Questions 01-22-16. Addendum 1 changes the bid opening date. Print, view, or download request for substitution - various a. Print, view, or download request for substitution - various b. Print, view, or download request for substitution - various c. Bid are currently being evaluated and will be approved by the Board of Supervisors on March 22, 2016. 

ContractorTotal Base Bid

Status Electrical Corp

Abbotsford, BC


Accurate Controls

Ripon, WI



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