Archived Q&A: MSA Grant Pre-Application Phase


Health and Human Services Agency

Himes 2014

Q: Can we submit logic models as part of the pre-application? If not, can we submit one as part of the full application?

A: Although it wouldn’t count against you, it probably would not be worth your while to submit a logic model as part of the pre-application. Since it’s not a component that’s required or suggested, we probably would not ask the raters to review any logic models during the pre-app phase. Logic models are an optional part of the full application, however, so you’re welcome to submit one at that stage.

Q: Where do we insert the narrative supporting the pre-application - in the "Project Purpose" portion of the pre-app or as an attachment?

A: The narrative can be submitted as an attachment – ideally written in MS Word and saved as a PDF. The “Project Purpose” box on the cover sheet should just be a really short blurb.

Q: According to the application instructions we received at the informational meeting, the county will be awarding “up to approximately $266,000 can be let for new multi-year contracts in the FY 2014-2015 grant cycle….” Does this mean that we can apply for a multi-year contract with a total funding of $266,000? Or is that $266,000 the amount for all new multi-year contracts combined?

A: Technically, an organization could apply for a multi-year contract with total funding of $266,000 per year. However, in order to receive that amount of multi-year funding, a full application would need to be the top-ranked application requesting multi-year funding. This is due to the procedure that the MSA Grant rating panel uses to recommend funding: they sort the full applications according to overall score and then begin assigning funding according to each application’s rank until the available funding is exhausted. So, if a $266,000 multi-year funding request ranked above the point at which funding is exhausted, but not in first place, it would most likely be recommended for partial funding.

Q: Even though we are not located in Napa County, we provide services for Napa County residents. In this regard, will we qualify for the grant money?

 A: To be eligible, nonprofits do not need to be based in Napa County. However, minimum qualification (g) on the pre-application form states: “Substantially all funding awarded must be used for the provision of services to residents of Napa County.” So, a nonprofit would be eligible to apply as long as the particular program or services it would be funding through an MSA grant would target and benefit Napa County residents specifically.

Q: Is one agency able to apply for more than one grant? Is this frowned upon, or will each application be rated upon its own merit?

A: Single agencies may apply for more than one grant – each application is rated on its own merit.