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Mental Health Board Member Duties and Terms of Office

The Mental Health Board serves as an oversight committee by reviewing and evaluating the community mental health needs, services, and facilities, and advising the Napa County Mental Health Director and Board of Supervisors as to any aspect of the County’s mental health programs. There are 15 members of the Mental Health Board. The members shall consist of those individuals appointed by the Napa County Board of Supervisors. Terms for each member of the Mental Health Board shall be three years.

There are currently two open positions on the Mental Health Board; one(1) representing Family Member of Consumer or Consumer and one (1) representing Interested and Concerned Citizen. Anyone interested in consideration for appointment must submit a completed application form.  The application form and instructions are also available on the county website at  Click on the Committees and Commissions link in the left-hand navigation under County Info.  To submit an application online, click “application for appointment” and follow the application instructions.


Kristine M. Haataja District 4 11-3-2015 1-1-2019
Terri Restelli-Deits District 4 11-3-2015 1-1-2019
Alfredo Pedroza District 4 1-12-2015 1-1-2018
Theresa Comstock District 2  1-6-2015 1-1-2018
Rowena Korobkin District 1  1-6-2015 1-1-2018
Beryl Nielsen District 4  1-6-2015 1-1-2018
Oliver Sheridan District 4  1-6-2015 1-1-2018
Robin Timm District 4  1-6-2015 1-1-2018
Joseph Wessinger District 3 11-3-2015 1-1-2018
Bill Grandrath District 4 2-2-2010 1-1-2016
Tracey Stuart District 1 10-1-2013 1-1-2016
Gabriel Hernandez District 1 5-6-2014 1-1-2017
Linda Mallett District 4 4-5-2011 1-1-2017
John Pearson District 4 4-5-2011 1-1-2017
 Darlene Olejniczak   District 1  9-9-2014 1-1-2017


Meeting Schedule and Location

The Napa County Mental Health Board holds monthly meetings that are open to the public. The Napa County Mental Health Board meets on the second Monday of each month from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. at Napa County Health & Human Services, 2344 Old Sonoma Road, Napa, CA 94559.  Occasionally there are meetings at a different location in the county. Please see the current meeting agenda below for exact location.

Meeting Agenda and Minutes

Below are meeting agendas, minutes, and supporting documents for the Napa County Mental Health Board. The meeting information is arranged by date, with the most recent at the top of the list.


11-9-2015 Regular Agenda Minutes Other  
10-12-2015 Regular Agenda Minutes    
9-14-2015 Regular Agenda Minutes Other  
8-10-2015 Special Agenda Minutes Notice  
7-13-2015 Regular Agenda Minutes    
6-8-2015 Regular Agenda Minutes    
5-11-2015 Regular Agenda Minutes Other Documents  
4-13-2015 Special Agenda Minutes Documents Special Meeting and Public Hearing
3-9-2015 Regular     MHSA 3 Year Plan For Public Review & Comment
3-9-2015 Regular Agenda Minutes Documents  
2-9-2015 Regular Agenda Minutes    
1-12-2015 Regular Agenda Minutes    
12-8-2014 Regular Agenda Minutes    
11-10-2014 Regular Agenda Minutes    



For more information on the Napa County Mental Health Board, please call Napa County Mental Health Administration office Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at (707) 299-2101.