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Napa Fire Complex Erosion Control & Watershed Protection Program  


Napa County has experienced devastating wildfires.  The recovery work continues at a rapid pace, however, we are now faced with a new challenge with rains coming.

More than 70,000 acres within Napa County have burned.  Vegetation that normally covers the hillsides is gone, creating the potential for higher levels of erosion and debris movement.   


Residents are concerned about the effects of the recent fires on our watersheds.  The County shares that concern and is taking the following actions:

  • Working closely with the Resource Conservation District (RCD), Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), and CalFire to evaluate all affected watersheds to identify areas where the fire burned most intensely so that they can be targeted to minimize erosion. 
  • Coordinating with the Cities of Calistoga, Yountville, Napa, and Fairfield to minimize potential impacts of debris and erosion on local drinking water supplies.
  • Providing free sandbags for residents to use to help control sediment and erosion on their property.
  • Working directly with soil conservationists at the RCD and NRCS to provide technical assistance for landowners to assess potential erosion sites and prepare their property to prevent problems this winter.
  • Preparing the County roads for the upcoming rains, by removing dead and dangerous trees, clearing drainage areas, and getting rid of debris along the roadways. 
  • Improving public safety by replacing road signs damaged in the fires, nearly 2 miles of guard rails, and retaining walls; as well as stabilizing a small landslide area on upper Redwood Road. 
  • Patrolling County roads this weekend to look for areas of concern and to address anything that flows onto and blocks public roads.
  • Reminding everyone to drive with the utmost caution.  Roads have changed due to the fires and extra vigilance is needed given the unstable nature of partially burned trees and the ongoing restoration work of many contractors.  Please be careful out there. 


Fortunately, the ground is far from saturated.  This provides residents with time to plan and install proper erosion control mechanisms.  The RCD provides several brochures to guide landowners in this process.  Links to these documents are provided below:


If you have specific questions or would like to provide information related to the EPA process on hazardous waste removal, property owners may contact the EPA site access hotline at (415) 793-8794. 


In addition, the US Department of Agriculture ) (USDA) has programs available that can also provide assistance to landowners, as follows:



In addition, a list of vendors (see attached) is being provided that owners can consult with regarding erosion control supplies and advice.

Landowners interested in technical assistance should contact Bill Birmingham, Conservation Program Manager at or (707) 252-4188 or Brian Bordona, Supervising Planner at or (707) 259-5935 for general questions or to coordinate a site assessment.  Also please visit for additional information regarding post-fire resources for managing your land.  

The watershed benefits everyone and we all share the responsibility of taking steps to ensure its continued health, so that it has time to naturally recover from the wildfires.  Napa County is here to help landowners in this important effort.


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