Napa Pipe Final EIR released


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Napa Pipe Final EIR released

Feb. 6, 2012

Napa Pipe Final EIR released

Read the Media release  for full information and next steps

The Final Napa Pipe Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and public comments have been posted under the County's "Current Project" for "Napa Pipe Project"


On or before February 10, 2012, the Final EIR will be available on DVD, also available in hard copy for public review at the Conservation, Development & Planning Department.  Reference copies will be placed at the City-County Library in Napa and American Canyon.

1195 Third Street, Suite 210     

Napa, CA 94559

(707)  253-4417


Hard copies of the Draft EIR, Supplement to the Draft EIR, and the FEIR (including all appendices) may be purchased at Copy Corner.

2200 Jefferson Street

Napa, CA 94559-1210
(707) 258-1835

Please call ahead to “Copy Corner” for any printing of Napa Pipe Final EIR documents.
  • Black and White copies are 7 cents per side 8-1/2x11
  • Color copies are 39 cents per side 8-1/2x11