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Earthquake Related Building Inspections:

  • If you are looking for an emergency inspection due to the earthquake, and their property is in the county, call (707) 299-1998 to request an inspection. Leave the requested info, and an inspection will be scheduled. This is for quake damage ONLY.
  • If you need an inspection within the City limits regarding earthquake damage, contact the City of Napa Building Department at (707) 257-9540 or call the City Building Inspection line at (707) 258-7829.

Regular Building Inspections (not quake related):

  • We are currently scheduling for next week. Please call (707) 253-4416 to schedule an inspection.

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Permit Process & Application

The Building Division is responsible for managing the construction permitting process. This process includes general public information, plan submittal, plan review, permit issuance, inspection and document retention. The Building Division is also charged with the task of assuring that all additional approvals required by both inside and outside entities are obtained prior to the issuance of both a building permit and receiving final inspection approval.

Process Overview:

The following is provided to help you understand and navigate Napa County's building permit process.  A process flowchart is available for your review and use. The flowchart illustrates the involvement of other County Departments, and state and local agencies that may assist us in our review process depending on scope of your project. If you need assistance or need clarification regarding the permitting process, please feel free to contact us.

Submittal Information:

Once you have prepared all required documents, you must submit those documents at the Building & Development Division counter. At the time of submittal, you should be prepared to provide the following:Building Plans and Code

  • Location of the project (street number and name) and Assessor's Parcel Number (APN)
  • Legal owner's name, mailing address and daytime telephone number
  • Contractor's name, license number, Workman's Compensation policy number
  • Description/Narrative of your project
  • Cost of all the proposed work - (labor & materials)
  • Soils Report (if required), and
  • Payment of any required submittal fees

Note: The property owner, an authorized (I.e., in writing) agent, or licensed contractors are the only individuals who can legally sign the application and submit for the building permit.

For building a new residence, a submittal checklist is available to assist you in determining what kinds of documentation will be required. If you are altering an existing residential structure, we have a submittal checklist to help you too. Commercial projects have their own unique requirements. Please consult the commercial construction checklist prior to submitting your plans.

Building Permit Applications:

  Residential Building Permit Application   

  Commercial Building Permit Application 

Quick Permits:

Quick Permits is an accelerated building permit process for minor projects that qualify as "Quick Permits." Not all permit types qualify. The types of projects that would qualify would be agricultural buildings, carports, decks, garages, gazebos, retaining walls and other various small projects. Each scope of work is subject to review and may or may not qualify. All completed applications for the Quick Permit program will be plan reviewed and you will receive comments on the plans within 7-10 business days. See if your project qualifies by reviewing the Quick Permit Overview and Quick Permit Requirements.

Over-the-Counter Permits:

The Building & Development Division offers over-the-counter permits, which can be issued same day during regular business hours. Over-the-counter permits include the following permit types:

  • Water Heater (tank-less not included)
  • Minor Electrical and Plumbing
  • Furnace Change-out
  • Re-roofs
  • Electrical service upgrades
  • Agricultural electrical service

Same-Day Permits

The Division also offers a same-day review for smaller projects. We currently offer this service on Wednesdays from Noon - 4pm. Effective Monday April 1, 2013 Same-Day Permits will be offered Monday through Thursday from 8 -10AM only.  Depending on the volume of traffic, expect to spend one to two hours at the Permit Center having your project reviewed. Before coming in to the office check to see if your project qualifies as a Same-Day Permit.