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Thank you for your interest in doing business with Napa County. Below is a list of the County’s current competitive purchasing opportunities. This list can be sorted by Title, Department or Due Date by clicking on the appropriate header. For more information regarding a specific opportunity, please use the contact e-mail link or phone number associated with each opportunity.

Competitive purchasing and bidding opportunities that have been awarded

All ongoing public works projects

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SAMPLE - Not for Submission - Contractor prequalification package for construction projects over $1 million

TitleDepartmentDue Date
RFP: 2016 Fire Sprinkler Testing RFP
The Napa County Department of Public Works is seeking pricing for quarterly and annual fire sprinkler inspection, testing, and maintenance in accordance with the standard set forth by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 25).
Public Works
Liz Habkirk
(707) 259-8321
RFP: 933 Water Street Purchase
Napa County is seeking statements of qualifications from financially capable parties interested in participating in a two-step process for the purchase of County surplus property located at 933 Water Street. This Request for Statements of Qualifications is the first step in the process. Qualified respondents will be invited to submit proposals for the purchase of the above mentioned property (the RFP process).
County Executive Office
Carlos Solorio
(707) 253-4825
RFP: Capell Valley Fire Station 214 Berryessa Highlands and Pope Valley Fire Station 220 Berryessa Estates, PW 14-27
Work generally consists of, but is not limited to, all labor and materials for the demolition of existing structures, the installation and construction of a new 1152 sq.ft +/- prefabricated metal building and including all the infrastructure to support new building. Locations: Berryessa Highlands and Berryessa Estates. The Contractor shall possess a Class "A" or "B" license at the time of the Contract award.
Public Works
Dixon Haun
RFP: Carithers Reroof Project, PW 16-06
Work generally consists of, but not limited to, re-roof with a waterproof membrane, including temporary removal of existing mechanical units on curbs to facilitate roofing beneath for a 23,000 square foot area located at 900 Coombs Street, Napa, CA. The Contractor shall possess a Class "B" license at the time of the Contract award. Sealed bids will be received at the time, date, and location noted in the Notice to Contractors, no bids will be accepted afterwards. Engineer's estimate is $185,000.
Public Works
Sonja El-Wakil
RFP: Contractor Prequalification for Staff Secure Facility Project, PW 17-01
Napa County has determined that all General, Electrical, or HVAC Contractors must be prequalified prior to submitting a bid on the Staff Secure Facility Project. This project consists of the construction of a new 72-bed re-entry facility with approximately 21,000 square feet of housing, dining and program space on approximately 4.5 acres of the greater 28.46+/- acres of county owned land. The engineer's estimate is $13,000,000. No bid will be accepted from a Contractor that has failed to comply with the requirements.
Public Works
Sonja El-Wakil
RFP: Custodial Services for the American Canyon Library RFP
The Napa County Department of Public Works and Napa County Library are seeking a qualified vendor to provide regular custodial services at the American Canyon Library branch, located at 300 Crawford Way, American Canyon, CA 94503.
Public Works
Sophie Johnson
RFP: Facilitation for the Napa County Board of Supervisors Strategic Planning Retreat
Napa County seeks proposals from qualified consultants for the purpose of facilitation for the Napa County Board of Supervisors strategic planning/performance measure annual retreat.
Board of Supervisors
Bret Prebula
(707) 253-4826
RFP: HHSA 012b - with Addendums 1 & 2 Napa Youth Ecology Corps (NYEC) Employer of Record
Two addendums have been attached at the end of this RFP. The Napa-Lake Workforce Board operates the Napa Youth Ecology Corps (NYEC) program which provides Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act-eligible (WIOA) and other non-WIOA-eligible youth and young adults a way to gain job readiness skills, develop job skills, and earn a paycheck during the summer months. NYEC is a county-wide workforce training and ecology education program aimed at employing youth and young adults while teaching environmental stewardship. This RFP is to solicit proposals from interested and qualified bidders to be the NYEC Employer of Record for the 2016 NYEC program.
Health and Human Service Agency
Sandra Moize
(707) 253-6181
The Napa County and Human Services Mental Health Division (hereafter "COUNTY") is issuing a Request for Proposals from qualified agencies/organizations to administer and provide Crisis Stabilization Services (CSS) for mental health consumers including those with co-occurring disorders through the Division's inaugural CSS program. The CSS program contractor (hereafter "CONTRACTOR") will provide immediate access to crisis intervention, emergency psychiatric evaluation and medication services for adolescents, adults and older adults in a mental health crisis, and other specialty mental health series as agreed by COUNTY and CONTRACTOR. Funding for the Napa County CSS Project is provided by a grant from the California Health Facilities Finance Authority's (CHFFA) SB82 Investment in Mental Health Wellness Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) Fund. This project is projected to start January 2017 and annual funding is contingent on CONTRACTOR meeting contractually agreed upon program and revenue outcomes. Non-profit organizations and for-profit organizations are eligible to apply.
Health and Human Service Agency
Sandra Moize
(707) 253-6181
RFP: NAPA COUNTY HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES AGENCY RFP: HHSA 016 - HHSA Campus Shuttle Service - Old Sonoma Campus to South Campus with Addendum 1 – Q&A
The Napa County Health and Human Services Agency (Napa County HHSA) desires to solicit qualified proposals to provide inter-campus shuttle services for six (6) months. The shuttle/bus will travel at scheduled intervals between the campuses of Napa County Health and Human Services Agency on Old Sonoma Road and South Campus on Napa Valley Corporate Drive. All services should be delivered in accordance with the terms, conditions and specifications contained herein. Work will commence on August 15, 2016 and be completed by February 17, 2017. Napa County HHSA may, at it's discretion, elect to extend the services beyond that date. This RFP will close June 28, 2016.
Health and Human Service Agency
Sandra Moize
(707) 253-6181
RFQ: Napa River Oakville to Oak Knoll Restoration Project, Group C Site 14, PW 16-01
Site 14 of this project is located south of Yountville Crossroad on the West Bank of the Napa River and continues south for approximately 3,400 feet. Construction will consist of but not limited to excavation and off haul of soils, finish grading, re-location of an existing earthen berm, installation of in-stream structures and biotechnical features, irrigation systems, and erosion control measures. Engineer's estimate is $2,220,217. Contractor shall possess a class A license. Bids are currently being evaluated.
Public Works
John Vicencio
RFP: Napa River Temporary Dredge Spoils Disposal Site Berm Construction
The Napa County Flood Control and Water Conservation District is requesting bid proposals from licensed contractors for the following work: Construct a temporary dredge spoils disposal site bermed area to contain dredge slurry which will be hydraulically delivered to the site by the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).
Public Works
Richard Thomasser
RFP: Old Sonoma Road Master Plan
Napa County seeks proposals from a qualified consultant or a team of qualified consultants for the purpose of developing a Master Plan and seeking entitlements for the Old Sonoma Road campus. All bids are due by 4:30pm on April 22, 2016.
County Executive Office
Molly Rattigan
(707) 253-4112
RFP: PBES Scanning Project RFP Number PBES 111501
The County of Napa Planning, Building and Environmental Services Department (“County”) is requesting proposals from qualified consultants and/or firms for a scanning project which includes document preparation (removal of staples and clips, etc.), scanning and indexing/release into the Department’s electronic document management system. The proposal shall include collection, scanning, indexing and secure storage of department paper files for a determined amount of time, with the expectation that upon directive by the County, the documents will ultimately be destroyed via shredding. The selected firm shall provide a complete chain of custody report and a Certificate of Destruction certifying and witnessing as to the verity and date of said destruction, wherein documents are rendered unreadable, indecipherable and otherwise cannot be reconstructed. Questions due by 5:00 p.m., on November 13, 2015. Answers to questions will be published (in the RFP document) November 18, 2015. Responses due by 5:00 p.m. on Due Date. Note: See document for addendum 1 & 2.
Planning, Building and Environmental Services
Barb Ruffino
(707) 253-4417
RFQ: Request for Statement of Qualifications: Elevator Design Services
The Napa County Department of Public Works is seeking statement of qualifications (SOQs) from qualified architectural or engineering firms interested in providing architectural/engineering and associated design services required for Elevator Design Services in the County of Napa. The Department of Public Works shall oversee the work of the selected firm and facilitate the interface with County project stakeholders.
Public Works
Dixon Haun
RFP: Tree Trimming and Removal Services
The Napa County Department of Public Works is seeking qualified providers of tree trimming and removal services. In the past, the Department was required to enter into a professional services agreements for each individual project. The purpose of this RFP is to allow the County to enter into multiple on-call contracts. Once under contract, a company may be called upon to bid on projects on an as needed basis for tree trimming and removal services.
Public Works
Steve Stangland
(707) 944-0196