Current Projects


Public Works

Lederer 2014

Current Projects

The following is a list of current projects for the Department of Public Works.  If you have questions about a specific project, please contact the engineer indicated.

Fagan Creek Bridge - Devlin Road Extension PW 11-06  Design
HHSA-TI 650 Imperial Way Remodel Project, PW 15-400  Construction
Napa County Administration Building Earthquake Repairs, PW 15-14  Construction
Napa County Administration Building Exterior Envelope & Structural EQ Repairs, PW 15-18  Contract Awarded
Napa County Department of Corrections Supply and Exhaust Vent Replacement Project, PW 13-12  Evaluation/Review
Napa County Guardrail Repairs-Replacement - Various Locations, RDS 15-20  Evaluation/Review
Napa County Hall of Justice Earthquake Epoxy Injection Repairs, PW 15-15A  Contract Awarded
Napa County Hall of Justice Generator Fuel Line, PW 14-25  Contract Awarded
Napa County Jail Fire Damper Repair Project, PW 11-33   Construction
Napa County Jail Security Systems Maintenance and Upgrades, PW 11-04  Design
Napa River Rutherford Restoration Project, Reaches 5, 6, 7 & 9 Re-Vegetation Contract, PW 14-34  Construction
NBRID/LBRID - Operations-Maintenance-Management Water and Waste Water Facilities  Accepting RFP's
Oak Knoll/Oakville Crossroad Restoration Project  Design
Oakville Cross Road Bridge Replacement Project, RDS 05-05  Bidding
RFQ for Architectural/Engineering for the County of Napa Library  Evaluation/Review
RFQ for Hazardous Materials and Environmental Clearance Survey Services for Various Napa County Projects  Accepting RFP's
RFQ for Material Testing, Inspection Services, and Geotechnical Engineering and other Miscellaneous Engineering Services  Accepting RFP's
Rutherford Dust Restoration Project PW 13-29, Reach 8 B/C  Complete
Rutherford Dust Restoration Project, Reaches 5,6,7,9 PW 14-09  Construction
Rutherford Restoration Project, Reach 8 B/C Re-Vegetation Contract, PW 13-41  Construction
South Campus Improvements Project, PW 15-200  Bidding