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Thank you for your interest in doing business with Napa County. Below is a list of the County’s current competitive purchasing opportunities. This list can be sorted by Title, Department or Due Date by clicking on the appropriate header. For more information regarding a specific opportunity, please use the contact e-mail link or phone number associated with each opportunity.

Competitive purchasing and bidding opportunities that have been awarded

All ongoing public works projects

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SAMPLE - Not for Submission - Contractor prequalification package for construction projects over $1 million

TitleDepartmentDue Date
RFP: Calistoga Farm Worker Center Restroom Remodel, PW 16-50
The project is located at 3996 St. Helena Highway, Calistoga, CA. Work generally consists of, but is not limited to all labor and materials for complete remodeling of restroom and shower area. The Contractor shall possess a Class B license at the time of contract award. The last day for questions is October 28, 2016 at 5 pm.
Public Works
Dixon Haun
RFP: Community Recidivism Reduction Grants 2016
Napa County is seeking service providers to provide evidence based community recidivism services to persons who have been released from the state prison, a county jail, juvenile detention facility, who are under the supervision of a parole or probation department, or any other person at risk of becoming involved in criminal activities.
Ferlyn Buenafe
(707) 253-4126
RFP: Contractor Prequalification for Staff Secure Facility Project, PW 17-01
Napa County has determined that all General, Electrical, or HVAC Contractors must be prequalified prior to submitting a bid on the Staff Secure Facility Project. This project consists of the construction of a new 72-bed re-entry facility with approximately 21,000 square feet of housing, dining and program space on approximately 4.5 acres of the greater 28.46+/- acres of county owned land. The engineer's estimate is $13,000,000. No bid will be accepted from a Contractor that has failed to comply with the requirements.
Public Works
Sonja El-Wakil
RFQ: Edgerly Island & Ingersoll Tract Flood Study
The Napa River Reclamation District (NRRD) is partnering with the Napa County Flood Control and Water Conservation District (NCFCWCD) to request Qualification Statements from consultants regarding preparation of an analysis of current and future flooding impacts and recommended projects for the homes along Milton Road on Edgerly Island and Ingersoll Tract.
Flood Control
Andrew Butler

RFP: Facilitation for the Napa County Board of Supervisors Strategic Planning Retreat
Napa County (County) seeks proposals from qualified consultants for the purpose of facilitation for the Napa County Board of Supervisors strategic planning process and 2017 annual retreat. A detailed outline of the work to be provided is described in Section B below. Addendum 1 added 10/3/2016
County Executive Office
Bret Prebula
(707) 253-4826
RFP: HHSA 019 Whole Person Care Pilot Consultant
NAPA COUNTY HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES AGENCY RFP: HHSA 019 - Whole Person Care Pilot Consultant The County of Napa Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA) has applied for, and anticipates that it will be awarded, funding for a Whole Person Care Pilot (WPC) from the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS). From the DHCS website: “The overarching goal of the WPC Pilots is the coordination of health, behavioral health, and social services, as applicable, in a patient-centered manner with the goals of improved beneficiary health and wellbeing through more efficient and effective use of resources.” HHSA wishes to retain the services of a consultant to assist in planning the implementation of the pilot.
Health and Human Service Agency
Sandra Moize
RFP: PBES Scanning Project RFP Number PBES 111501
The County of Napa Planning, Building and Environmental Services Department (“County”) is requesting proposals from qualified consultants and/or firms for a scanning project which includes document preparation (removal of staples and clips, etc.), scanning and indexing/release into the Department’s electronic document management system. The proposal shall include collection, scanning, indexing and secure storage of department paper files for a determined amount of time, with the expectation that upon directive by the County, the documents will ultimately be destroyed via shredding. The selected firm shall provide a complete chain of custody report and a Certificate of Destruction certifying and witnessing as to the verity and date of said destruction, wherein documents are rendered unreadable, indecipherable and otherwise cannot be reconstructed. Questions due by 5:00 p.m., on November 13, 2015. Answers to questions will be published (in the RFP document) November 18, 2015. Responses due by 5:00 p.m. on Due Date. Note: See document for addendum 1 & 2.
Planning, Building and Environmental Services
Barb Ruffino
(707) 253-4417
RFP: Request for Proposal Fire Alarm - Monitoring, Testing, Inspection, and Maintenance
The Napa County Department of Public Works is seeking contract pricing for annual fire alarm monitoring, testing, inspection, and maintenance. The submittal date has been extended to November 7, 2016. Please see revision 2.
Public Works
Liz Habkirk
RFP: RFP: HHSA 017 - Homeless and Housing System Flexible Housing Funding Pool - Amendments 1-2
NAPA COUNTY HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES AGENCY RFP - HHSA 017 - Homeless and Housing System Flexible Housing Funding Pool - Addendums 1-2 The County of Napa is seeking innovative and qualified public, non-profit organization(s) to further Napa’s systems transformation efforts to better address homelessness and serve the community’s vulnerable individuals. As part of the systems change process, Napa will more fully implement a Housing First philosophy and will align the City and County of Napa Continuum of Care programming, services and resources with this approach. Two major community initiatives will be implemented as a result of recommendations made by the National Alliance to End Homelessness (NAEH) and the Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH): Initiative A – Operation of Napa Flexible Housing Funding Pool Initiative B – Operation of the Napa Emergency Crisis Response System You may submit proposals for either initiative, or both.
Health and Human Service Agency
Sandra Moize
(707) 253-6181
RFP: RFP: HHSA 018 - Grant Writer for Napa One Stop
NAPA COUNTY HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES AGENCY RFP: HHSA 018 - Grant Writer for Napa One Stop Napa County Health and Human Services is soliciting Requests for Proposals to write its One Stop Operator (OSO) Grant for Napa County. The Napa One-Stop Center is designed to provide a full range of job assistance to job seekers under one roof under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act of 2014 (WIOA). The center offers training referrals, career counseling, job listings, and similar employment-related services.
Health and Human Service Agency
Sandra Moize
(707) 253-6181
RFP: Website Content Management System
UPDATED 10/14: The Napa County Departments of Information Technology Services and Community Outreach are soliciting proposals for a new content management system (CMS). See link above for Addendums 1-4, which include revised timelines, information and questions/answers.
County Executive Office
Meg Ragan
(707) 253-4036