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Syar Napa Quarry Project


 On February 9, 2016 at 9:05 a.m., a Public Hearing will be conducted by the Napa County Board of Supervisors in the County Administration Building, 1195 Third Street, Suite 305, Napa, California, regarding the appeals of the Certification of the Syar Napa Quarry Environmental Impact Report and Surface Mining Permit described below.  At this hearing staff, in agreement with the Appellants and Applicant, will be requesting the item be continued to the March 22, 2016 at 9:15 a.m. so that the appeal hearings can be consolidated.

 On November 18, the Napa County Planning Commission adopted a resolution (No. 2015-03) with required California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and Surface Mining Permit (SMP) Findings to approve the Syar Napa Quarry Expansion Project No. P08-00337-SMP (the Syar Modified Project Plus Area C – Reduced Production Alternative) to allow the following: 


 a)    An approximate 106-acre expansion of the current surfacing mining and reclamation plan for a 35 year term;  


 b)    An increase in mining depth from approximately 300 feet and 150 feet above mean sea level (msl) to no greater than 50 feet above msl;  


 c)    An increase in production of aggregate materials from approximately 1 million tons per year to 1.3 million tons per year;  


 d)    To add Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) handling equipment to the existing asphalt batch plant and an increase in asphalt production up to 300,000 tons per year (inclusive of total annual production); and, 


 e)     Retention of existing Skyline Wilderness Park Trials located on Syar lands to allow continued public use during the life of the SMP. 


 This SMP replaces UP-128182, UP-27374, and County Agreement No. 2225, bringing existing and expanded Quarry Operations, including associated Aggregate and Asphalt Sales, and the Quarry Facility under one permit. 


 Both the EIR Certification and SMP decisions have been appealed to the Board of Supervisors.  It is anticipated that appeal hearings will commence Spring of 2016. 


 Project Location: The Syar Napa Quarry project site is located on the east side of State Highway 221 at its intersection with Basalt Road which is between Kaiser Road and Streblow Drive. 


 Project Related Documents and Notification: Various documents related to this project are provided below. Many of these documents are large files. If you have difficulty downloading any of the documents listed, a CD of the information can be requested by visiting our public counter or contacting Don Barrella (707-299-1338 or ) or Brian Bordona (707-259-5935 or ) directly to request documents and related information.  To be placed on the notification list for this project, please email your request to Don Barrella.   


Project Information

Project Number:P08-00337-SMP
Project Class:Other
Related Applications:
Parcel:045-360-005, 046-370-012, -013, -015, -022, -025, 046-390-002, -003, and 046-450-071
Address:Napa Vallejo Highway (State Rt. 221) 2301, Napa, 94558

Contact Information

Donald Barrella
(707) 299-1338
Project Events
Project Events
Public Hearing Notice February 9, 2016 at 9:05 am

Project Documents
Project Documents
Syar Napa Quarry Mining and Reclamation Plan (Revised 11-2015)
Skyline Park Citizens Assoc Appeal Package
Stop Syar Expansion Appeal Package
Resolution 2015-03 Approving Syar P08-00337-SMP
Notice of Determination Posted 11-23-15 Syar Quarry
Final EIR (November 2014) Syar Napa Quarry
Syar Quarry Correspondence 10-22 to 11-10 2015
Correspondence 10-20pm to 10-21 2015
Stop Syar Expansion Booth Comment Ltr 10-21-15
Stop Syar Expansion Autumn Wind Air Quality Comments 10-21-15
Stop Syar Expansion Record Request Letters
Stop Syar Expansion Water Letter - 10/16/2015
Stop Syar Expansion Dale La Forest & Associates, Design, Planning & Environmental Consulting Comments on Noise Responses - 10/20/2015
Stop Syar Expansion, Lindsey Sears Air Quality Review 10-20-15
Correspondence - 9/29 to 10/20/2015
Syar Napa Quarry Appendix C FEIR Response to 08/2015 Comments
Syar Correspondence from 9-13 to 9-17 2015
Correspondence August 18 through September 3, 2015
Stop Syar Expansion 9-2-15 Submittal
Syar Correspondence August 12 and 13, 2015
CEASE Ssubmittal 8-12-15
Petition Online Signatures 8-12-15
Syar Petition 3 Hand August 12, 2015
Syar Petition Latinos Unidos August 12, 2015
Syar Support Cards August 12, 2015
Stop Syar Expansion Submittal August 11, 2015
Correspondence August 10-11, 2015
Syar Napa Quarry Correspondence received from 7/31 to 8/10 2015
Syar Napa Quarry Correspondence August 12, 2015 Planning Commission Meeting
General Plan and Zoning Designation Consistency Analysis
Master Response to Comments June 2015
Alternative Analysis Memo Syar Quarry Final July 2015
Public Correspondence 6/3 throgh 7/9
Chapter 2 Summary DEIR August 2013 (SPANISH)
Syar Quarry Public Correspondence March 23 to June 2, 2015
VonRosenberg Presentation January 7, 2015; Planning Commission Hearing
Booth Presentation February 18, 2015; Planning Commission Hearing
Syar Quarry Public Correspondence February 18 to March 23, 2015
Public Correspondence 12-16-14 to 12-27-14
Public Correspondence 1-5-15 to 2-9-15
Public Correspondence 2-10-15 to 2-18-15
Syar Correspondence 1-7-15
Petition 1 hand 2-17-15
Petition 2 hand 2-17-15
Petition Online Comments 2-17-15
Petition Online Signatures 2-17-15
Syar Quarry Mining and Reclamation Plan rev 9-20-12
Draft Syar EIR Volume 1 Complete- August 2013
Draft Syar EIR Volume 2 Complete (Appendices) August 2013 (2000+ pages)
Draft Syar EIR Volume 2 Appendix A NOP and Initial Study
Draft Syar EIR Volume 2 Appendix B NOP Comments Summ Letters Response NOP
Draft Syar EIR Volume 2 Appendix C Biological Studies
Draft Syar EIR Volume 2 Appendix D CalEEMod Excerpt
Draft Syar EIR Volume 2 Appendix E Electronic Data Resources Study
Draft Syar EIR Volume 2 Appendix F Aesthetics Study
Draft Syar EIR Volume 2 Appendix G Traffic Impact Study
Draft Syar EIR Volume 2 Appendix H Mining and Reclmation Plan Appendices
Draft Syar EIR Volume 2 Appendix I Air Quality Health Risk Assessment
Draft Syar EIR Volume 2 Appendix J Surface Subsurface Hydro Report
Draft Syar EIR Volume 2 Appendix K Water Supply Assessment

Project Archive Documents
Project Archive Documents
Lake Herman Quarry Approval and Conditions
Draft SMP Findings - Syar Napa Quarry - 10/21/2015
Syar Napa Quarry Draft Conditions of Approval - 10/2015
Background and Discussion Syar Napa Quarry Attachment 1 - 10/21/2015 CDPC Meeting
Resolution Certifying Syar Napa Quarry EIR - 10/2015
Public Hearing Notice Syar – August 12, 2015
Background and Discussion August 12, 2015 Planning Commission Meeting
CA Geological Survey Special Report 205
Final Syar EIR - Nov 2014
Resolution Certifying the Final Environmental Impact Report
Draft Surface Mining Permit Findings
Draft Conditions of Approval July 2015
BAAQMD 2015 Permit 2158 - Permit
Syar Quarry Project Modification Letter March 17, 2015
Syar Quarry Presentation January 7, 2015; Planning Commission Hearing
Syar Proposed Modifications 2-13-15
Mitigation Monitoring Reporting Program Syar - Nov 2014
2012 Report Aggregate Sustainability in California
Planning Commission January 7, 2015 Syar Public Hearing Notice
Planning Commission December 3, 2014 Public Hearing Notice
Notice of Review Extension Draft EIR Aug 2013 Syar Napa Quarry
Syar EIR Notice of Availability August 2013
Syar Quarry Mining and Reclamation Plan Figure 3F 3-6-2012
Geotech Report Syar Napa Quarry 3-25-08 wo Appendicies
Geotech Report Syar Napa Quary Plate2 3-25-08
Prelimary Geotech Review Pasini Property Syar Quarry 11-3-08
Syar Napa Quarry Notice of Preparation and Initial Study
Syar Quarry, Existing Reclamation Plan, May 1982
Syar Quarry Mining and Reclamation Plan 1-26-09
Syar Quarry Mining and Reclamation Plan Figure 3F 1-29-09

Related Links Documents
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