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About Us:

Starting mid April 2013, oursecond floor permit center will have a new look and a new name – “Permit Service center”.  Customer coming in to our office will be greeted by a reception lobby and a friendly front office staff.  Also available is our new self help computer stations for the do it yourself person; along with grab and go application and forms wall for the most common application requests.  Our friendly front counter staff will assist and guide you through any question you might have.  We have included two conference rooms off the reception lobby so you can schedule pre-applications meeting with our knowledgeable Planners.  With these changes we will be adding 4 days where you can come in and pick up “Same Day Permits”.  We will make an announcement soon on the actual launch date for the new Permit Service Center.  We look forward to see you in our new home soon. 

Our office hours:

  • Monday through Friday 7:30am to 5:00pm
  • Permit Assistance 8:00am to 4:15pm
  • Same Day Permits; Monday through Thursday 8:00am to 10:00am  

Effective July 7, 2012, Planning, Building & Environmental Services became a NEW Department for consolidated permitting and environmental health needs. This Department was created by a Board of Supervisors' action that reorganized three Departments - Conservation, Development and Planning, Department of Public Works and Department of Environmental Management -- into two Departments, one being this NEW Department primarily focused on land development, permitting and inspection functions and the other being Public Works, primarily focused on transportation, public works and general services.

Keep checking back to this website for new and exciting information related to this change and updates on the location of the new Department planned for 2013. Here is a clue; by mid April 2013 we should all be located on the second floor in an amazing new office with wonderful new opportunities for our customers!

Learn more about us here: 

**Read about the Board action that created this new Department**



Planning Division

The Planning Division is charged with charting the orderly growth and development of the unincorporated areas of Napa County, while maintaining its quality of life, agricultural heritage and natural environment.  The Planning Division functions as professional staff to the County Board of Supervisors, the Planning Commission, the Airport Land Use Commission, and other advisory boards and commissions.  The Planning Division is responsible for the maintenance and implementation of the County General Plan and the Zoning Ordinance, along with local implementation of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). 


Building & Development Division

The Building Division is responsible for enforcing the California Building, Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical codes in the unincorporated areas of Napa County. These codes ensure that all construction meets the minimum health & safety requirements as determined by the state.  To this end, the Building Division processes and reviews construction applications and field inspects the projects during construcion.  


Environmental Health Division

The Environmental Health Division administers the County's Consumer Protection, Land Use Development, Pollution Prevention, and Solid Waste Programs and Services. 


Conservation Division

The Conservation Division is responsible for the review and processing of erosion control plans, agricultural preserve (Williamson Act) contracts, mining inspections/permits, lot line adjustments, as well as a number of other land use/planning applications. The Division prepares environmental documents for private projects, implements the Conservation Regulations and assists in the maintenance and update the General Plan. Division staff is additionally tasked with developing and managing the Department’s Geographic Information System (GIS) data, graphics and mapping products, and maintenance of county-wide baseline environmental data report (BDR). The Division also monitors State and Federal agency programs and projects that may affect the management and use of the County's environmental and natural resources, and provides comments and/or staff resources as warranted to protect and guard Napa County's interests. 


Engineering Division

The Engineering Division has primary responsibility for processing grading permits and floodplain management permits, and enforcing Stormwater pollution and prevention measures. We provide information and assistance to the public regarding compliance with various land development and environmental policies and regulations at the federal, State, and local levels. The Engineering Division is also responsible for floodplain management resources, and infrastructure, and Napa County Roads and Streets Standards.


Parks and Open Space Division

In November of 2006 Napa County voters approved Measure I establishing the Napa County Regional Park and Open Space District. The District is authorized to plan, improve and operate a system of public parks, trails, outdoor recreational facilities, and outdoor science and conservation education programs, as well as to protect and preserve natural areas, wildlife habitat and other open space resources. Its jurisdiction includes all of Napa County.

The District is governed by a Board of Directors whose members are directly elected by the public in each of five wards. Ward boundaries coincide with the County’s Board of Supervisors’ districts. The first Directors were elected at the same time the District was formed.

Funding and staffing for the District currently comes from the County of Napa, at the level determined by the County Board of Supervisors. The District is also empowered to obtain grants, accept gifts and collect fees for services provided. Subject to voter approval, the District is authorized to raise revenues through some types of property assessments and taxes.

The District has no power to regulate private land use, is subject to all applicable city and county regulations, and may only acquire property from willing sellers.