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 Napa County Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) and Medical Volunteers

Napa County Medical Volunteers
Napa County Public Health Officer Swearing in Medical Volunteers

There are many types of disasters that can befall a community. In most cases, we are well prepared to meet the health care demands that such an event may present. However, some instances increase the demand for healthcare services so much that we may need to supplement the services regularly offered. In such a situation, called medical surge, Napa County may have to rely on volunteers to provide healthcare services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Disaster Healthcare Volunteers Handbook

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Healthcare volunteers have two options:

  1. Medical Volunteers:
    • Recommended for volunteers who would like to register with Napa County so their contact information and skills are known prior to a disaster. 
  2. Napa County MRC (Medical Reserve Corps) Unit:  
    • Part of the national MRC program, recommended for volunteers who in addition to registering in advance of a disaster would like to take trainings offered through the national program.

Check out the details on the difference between the two programs


Napa County Public Health will facilitate trainings, conduct exercises and offer health education and outreach volunteer opportunities throughout the year to prepare for and improve our response to emergencies.  By creating your profile on the California Disaster Healthcare Volunteer Website, you will receive emails about upcoming opportunities.  Some events may be posted on the Event Calendar online.  However the best way to stay informed of opportunities is by creating and maintaining an up to date profile through the California Disaster Healthcare Volunteer website


Zombie Emergency Preparedness
Zombie Preparedness

Zombie Emergency Preparedness

The CDC developed "Zombie Emergency Preparedness" as a way to creatively teach emergency preparedness and flu prevention.  Find out more here.

In this photo 2 MRC volunteers teach handwashing skills at a wellness fair.  Interested in volunteering?  Follow these steps to create your MRC profile and    recieve notifications about opportunities.  Don't worry, zombie makeup is optional!


If you have suggestions or questions about training or volunteer opportunities please email or call (707) 259-5971.