Treasury Oversight Committee


Treasurer-Tax Collector

Tamie Frasier

Treasury Oversight Committee
The Napa County Treasury Oversight Committee is responsible for the review of the Treasurer's Investment Policy. The committee also calls for an annual compliance audit of the Treasurer's investment operations, and reviews those findings.(See Below) At the committee meetings, the Treasurer's investment reports are reviewed, as well as any current topics that concern investments or investment policy.

In 1996, the Napa County Board of Supervisors enacted a Resolution adopting CA Government Code section 27130 et seq, creating the Napa County Treasury Oversight Committee.  The committee members are nominated by the Treasurer and confirmed by the Board of Supervisors. 

The committee consists of 5 voting members: 

  • the County Auditor-Controller
  • a representative appointed by the County Board of Supervisors
  • the County Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee
  • a representative selected by a majority of the presiding officers of the governing bodies of the school districts and community college districts in the county
  • a representative selected by a majority of the presiding officers of the legislative bodies of the special districts in the county that are required or authorized to deposit funds in the county treasury.

 Current voting members:

  • Mark Luce, County Supervisor / TOC Chair
  • Brad Wagenknecht, County Supervisor (alternate)
  • Tracy Schulze, County Auditor-Controller
  • Robert Minahen, Asst. Auditor-Controller (alternate)
  • Barbara Nemko, County Superintendent of Schools
  • Josh Schultz, Chief Business Official, County Office of Education (alternate)
  • Keith Caldwell - Representative for Special Districts
  • Alfredo Pedroza - Representative for Special Districts (alternate)
  • Jeannie Kerr, St Helena Unified School District Board Member - Representative for Schools/College Districts
  • Glenna Aguada, Representative for Schools/College Districts (alternate)

Non-voting members

  •  Tamie Frasier, County Treasurer-Tax Collector
  •  Lisa Soder, Asst. Treasurer-Tax Collector (alternate)


Current Compliance Audit


Committee meetings

February 8, 2017            Agenda  
August 10, 2016 Agenda  
February 10, 2016  Agenda  Minutes   
August 5, 2015  Agenda  Minutes
February 4, 2015  Agenda  Minutes

September 10, 2014

 Agenda * Minutes
August 6, 2014  Agenda  Minutes

* Special Meeting   **To be Rescheduled   ***Rescheduled